The 75,000 Point Offer on the American Express Business Gold Card is Now Easier to Get!

Update (5/12): This appears to be more targeted than previously thought. My apologies for getting anyone’s hopes up.

Back in November, I’m pretty sure I was the first blogger who discovered a way to get either a 50,000 or 75,000 signup bonus offer to appear on the American Express Business Gold card. Then, in March I posted an update on how to get that offer still as some thought it was dead but that wasn’t the case.

Since then, it has gotten harder for others to duplicate as it did involve using incognito browsers and/or opening the link on mobile devices or tablets. However, The Reward Boss points out there is now a better link that shows the 75,000 offer every time!

Click here for the link to apply.


75,000 Points for Spending $5k in 3 months


Key Details:

  • 75,000 Membership Rewards Points for Spending $5k in 3 months
  • Annual Fee of $175 Waived for 1st Year
  • Choose one of the following categories to earn 3x on purchases (can change once a year)
    • Advertising in Select Media
    • Gas Stations
    • Airfare (when purchased directly from the airline)
    • Shipping
    • Hardware, Software and Cloud Computing purchases from select vendors
  • Purchases in the remaining 4 categories will earn 2x
  • All other purchases earn 1x
  • Offer ends June 30, 2015

It has been a good month for business card signup bonuses as Chase increased the offers on the Ink Cash to 30k Ink Plus to 60k and now American Express has made it easier to get the 75k offer on the Business Gold card. The Reward Boss also notes that the 100k Business Platinum offer I wrote about earlier seems to still work. If you have been waiting to apply for a new business card, now seems the time.


The 75k American Express Business Rewards Gold Offer is Still Alive!

Update 5/9: See this post for latest details, including new link that works a LOT better.

Back in November, I discovered the hack to get a 75,000 point offer to appear on the American Express Business Gold Rewards card and it is my most viewed post all time on PointsCentric. If someone couldn’t get a 75,000 offer to appear, they almost certainly were able to get a 50,000 point offer to appear which was still double the standard offer of 25,000 points. Over the past few weeks though, I have been unable to get any confirmed reports of a 75,000 offer from either my clients or readers so I updated that post to remark 50,000 points is the best current offer. I’m happy to report that a new client last night confirmed she was able to get the 75,000 point offer to appear and successfully apply for it! I tried it out myself this morning and I was approved as well!

Direct Link –

The hack, as I mentioned in my initial post about this offer, involves opening up the link for the offer on a mobile or tablet device, generally in private or incognito mode. A few people reported success getting to appear on the computer but I heard many more success stories on mobile devices (seems like Google Chrome, incognito worked the best). Interestingly enough, my client last night used Windows XP on an old desktop (I guess it pays to have an old computer laying around) and she got it to appear. She even sent me the screenshot below.

The 75k Offer is Still Working for Some

The 75k Offer is Still Working for Some

This is a big YMMV situation. In fact, I was only able to pull up a 75,000 point offer on my work computer but not my home nor any mobile devices. It might be that an older computer or a computer/device you typically don’t use to sign into your Amex account that has a greater likelihood of getting the offer to present itself – I really don’t know. That said, it might be worth trying to get the offer to appear again since I have a confirmed report of the link still presenting a 75,000 offer that I was able to replicate this morning as well. If you only get the 50,000 offer, that’s not a terrible offer and since you can still churn the Business version, it could make sense to apply for it if you need American Express Membership Rewards points now. If you don’t need the points/have other cards to apply for, then maybe another 75,000 point offer will come around and I would wait for that.

My approval this morning...I called to confirm the 75k offer was on the card

My approval this morning…I called to confirm the 75k offer was on the card

(HT to Alanna!)

Happy Thanksgiving and a Quick Recap of My Most Popular Posts

I just wanted to quickly say a Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and clients. Since starting this site back in February, it has grown quite quickly and I’m happy to have helped dozens of people via my consulting services or award booking services. From helping a family of four travel to Europe in business class next summer to helping a young couple plan a vacation to Bora Bora, I’m thankful for the opportunities to teach others the amazing benefits of our hobby.

In addition to helping just my clients, I’ve summarized below some of the blog’s most popular posts over the past few months which I know based on the emails and comments I’ve received, many people have taken advantage of these deals. I won’t have any new posts up until Monday as I enjoy the holiday weekend but feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions.

Some of my blog’s most popular posts include:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!