Free 400 JetBlue TrueBlue Points at Points for Surveys

Update: I found a survey on beer that claimed it would take 7 minutes but really took closer to 5 minutes. The 400 points have already posted  to my JetBlue TrueBlue account. Not bad for 5 minutes of “work”.

This deal won’t make anyone rich points-wise but JetBlue has teamed with a new survey site, Points for Surveys, to offer a new way to earn TrueBlue points in addition to offering a 400 point bonus for completing your first survey.

400 Bonus TrueBlue points for 1st Survey

400 Bonus TrueBlue points for Completing 1st Survey

It was very quick & easy to register but I have not had a chance to actually complete a survey yet. In poking around on the site, it seems most surveys pay out 50 to 200 TrueBlue points per survey and the estimated time for each was 10 to 20 minutes. Unlike other survey for miles websites, including E-Rewards and E-Miles, you can only earn TrueBlue points at Points for Surveys.

JetBlue Survey2

Due to the length of time and minimal payout for an individual survey, I won’t likely complete any surveys after the initial one to earn my 400 point bonus.  But if you find yourself with a bunch of extra time and desire for some TrueBlue points, this might be worthwhile to top off your existing TrueBlue balance.



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