Tell Spirit How Much They Suck & Get 8,000 Spirit Miles to Buy Magazines…Seriously

I know this has been covered ad nauseam in the blogosphere but I couldn’t resist posting about it. Spirit is offering you the chance to vent your frustrations about how much Spirit (or any other airline) sucks and they will give you 8,000 Spirit Miles if you tell Spirit where to shove their ridiculous fee schedule (did I interject my personal opinion here…whoops). This is the link to click to complain about Spirit and get your free miles.

At least Spirit reads their complaints emails...

At least Spirit is aware of all the complaints about them

More seriously though, unless you are a Spirit credit card holder (and if you are a cardholder we need to talk….no seriously we do, stop reading and email me now), you need a minimum of 10,000 miles to redeem for a low level one way award. And miles expire after 90 days which is just absurd so you most likely don’t have 2,000 Spirit miles laying around. Of course, you could buy 2,000 Spirit miles for $48.38 but that means you actually have to fly Spirit which I won’t do.

So what to do with 8,000 Spirit Miles? Buy some magazines. I first saw this at Dan’s Deals and there are some great deals. You could easily get 3-6 FREE magazine subscriptions based on some of the rates below. Link to redeem your miles for magazines – Click Here

Free Magazines? Yes please!

Free Magazines? Yes please!

Complain about an airline and they give you free magazines…what a society we live in.