Award Booking Service

**Currently NOT Accepting New Clients**

You put in the work and accumulated enough miles to travel but you’re not sure how to use them or where to begin. Booking an award flight can be a real struggle if you don’t know what you are doing. Let me do the dirty work and find the best routes and options for your points & miles.

I know the ins and outs of all the major frequent flyer programs, so let me recommend better airlines, routes & trips to ensure the most comfortable trip possible. I’ve redeemed million of miles for myself and others so you are getting an experienced award booker and you do not pay anything until I find flights that meet your defined criteria. 

In order to help you find the flights and hotels desired, I will need the following information (please fill out form below) :

  • All significant current mileage balances – (e.g., 200k AA miles, 42k Chase Ultimate Rewards, 75k SPG points etc.)
  • Departure Airport – Please include all acceptable options (e.g., JFK & LGA but not EWR)
  • Destination(s)
  • Dates of Travel – Include both departure and return unless this is for a one way flight
  • Cabin Class Preference – Economy, Business or First.
  • How many travelers?
  • Lastly, any flexibility you have. For example, are you willing to move the trip +/- 3 days? What about a week? Would you settle for economy seats? What about flying from Philly instead of Newark? The more information you can provide about any flexibility the better.

I believe in providing superior customer service so I strive to answer your initial inquiry within 24 hours. Additionally, I freely give out my cell phone number to clients and encourage them to text/call me with questions and concerns at any time during the booking process.

Pricing Information: 

Flights to: USA, Canada/Mexico & the Caribbean – $75 per person.
Flights to: All Other International Destinations – $125 per person. 

Fill Out the Form Below to Get Started!

Have any additional questions? Email me at


6 thoughts on “Award Booking Service

  1. Just a couple of things. First off, is the above price per person or booking? Also, I’m not digging for any secrets here, but often people who book trips have knowledge of certain tricks (for lack of a better word) that can be used to take advantage of routings or stopovers. For example, one prominent blogger had a recent post that illustrated how he was flying SFO-LON via DEL using Lifemiles. Obviously, the fact that you could route like this is not common knowledge. If you have a number of such options, especially across different alliances, that might provide more value to your potential client base. As an ex travel agent, I know that the main differences between you and the general travelling public are tools and expertise. Maybe there’s a way to leverage these to increase your business.


    • Thanks for the feedback. To answer your question, the prices are per ticket booked. And I do agree where myself (and others who do award bookings) set ourselves apart is having an intricate knowledge of rewards that the average person doesn’t know. Lucky’s trick to fly Air India in the above example is a great one. I won’t make the claim to be the best or know every trick in the book but clients have generally been happy thus far with my work and that is what I’m ultimately trying to achieve – customer satisfaction.


      • So for further clarification, if I use your service to find and book round trip for my wife and I to Paris your fee would be 500$. Correct?


        • Sorry, I see the confusion now. No, the fee is $250 ($125 each). In a perfect, a roundtrip flight is just one ticket (and just one ticket number). Even if I end up having to book two one way awards (which does create two tickets) for a flight to/from Paris, I would charge still the $125 per person. I think I will rephrase the language to be more clear on this page. Thanks


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