The 75k American Express Business Rewards Gold Offer is Still Alive!

Update 5/9: See this post for latest details, including new link that works a LOT better.

Back in November, I discovered the hack to get a 75,000 point offer to appear on the American Express Business Gold Rewards card and it is my most viewed post all time on PointsCentric. If someone couldn’t get a 75,000 offer to appear, they almost certainly were able to get a 50,000 point offer to appear which was still double the standard offer of 25,000 points. Over the past few weeks though, I have been unable to get any confirmed reports of a 75,000 offer from either my clients or readers so I updated that post to remark 50,000 points is the best current offer. I’m happy to report that a new client last night confirmed she was able to get the 75,000 point offer to appear and successfully apply for it! I tried it out myself this morning and I was approved as well!

Direct Link –

The hack, as I mentioned in my initial post about this offer, involves opening up the link for the offer on a mobile or tablet device, generally in private or incognito mode. A few people reported success getting to appear on the computer but I heard many more success stories on mobile devices (seems like Google Chrome, incognito worked the best). Interestingly enough, my client last night used Windows XP on an old desktop (I guess it pays to have an old computer laying around) and she got it to appear. She even sent me the screenshot below.

The 75k Offer is Still Working for Some

The 75k Offer is Still Working for Some

This is a big YMMV situation. In fact, I was only able to pull up a 75,000 point offer on my work computer but not my home nor any mobile devices. It might be that an older computer or a computer/device you typically don’t use to sign into your Amex account that has a greater likelihood of getting the offer to present itself – I really don’t know. That said, it might be worth trying to get the offer to appear again since I have a confirmed report of the link still presenting a 75,000 offer that I was able to replicate this morning as well. If you only get the 50,000 offer, that’s not a terrible offer and since you can still churn the Business version, it could make sense to apply for it if you need American Express Membership Rewards points now. If you don’t need the points/have other cards to apply for, then maybe another 75,000 point offer will come around and I would wait for that.

My approval this morning...I called to confirm the 75k offer was on the card

My approval this morning…I called to confirm the 75k offer was on the card

(HT to Alanna!)


6 thoughts on “The 75k American Express Business Rewards Gold Offer is Still Alive!

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  2. I am not able to replicate the offer from the link at all. I tried 2 mobile devices (1 android and an Iphone), an Ipad, 3 computers, different browser combinations with 1 being winxp. It didn’t work at all :(. What else can I do :).


    • Unfortunately there isn’t much else you can do. This is a big YMMV situation – some people get it to show, others can’t no matter what. I couldn’t get this offer to appear last month but now I can just on my work computer. Maybe try again in a few days or weeks?


  3. I got the 75K bonus with 10 Spending to work for me last night, it only worked on my home machine, not at work or my phone, so it is still YMMV

    Thank You


  4. Just past a year after having closed the last one, this is still working 4/29!


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