Free Boingo WiFi Plan for American Express Platinum Cardholders

There are two new benefits for American Express Platinum cardholders and one of them could be quite valuable depending on your travel habits.

American Express has partnered with Boingo to offer an unlimited global WiFi plan for up to 4 devices at a time when you link your American Express Platinum card to a new Boingo account.  Boingo offers a similar WiFi plan for up to 4 devices, capped at 2,000 minutes a month, for $59 per month but this partnership with American Express is actually better as it is unlimited global wifi. This could really come in handy in foreign cities and airport where you don’t want to use your data plan on your smartphone or tablet. I wouldn’t pay $59 a month for this privilege but as a free perk its absolutely worth signing up for.

The signup link is here at

The plan touts over 1 million WiFi hot spots and taking a look at their coverage (here or through the Boingo Wi-Finder app) it does seem quite extensive.

Additionally, there is another new perk for Platinum card holders though it is duplicated by another current perk. American Express announced cardholders can get TSA PreCheck for free if they pay the application fee ($85) with their Platinum card. While that is great and all, you are much better off signing up for Global Entry as it is free for cardholders if  paying the application fee ($100) with your Platinum card. Global Entry includes expedited entry back to US from international trips (goodbye customs line) AND includes TSA PreCheck.

In short, I don’t know why anyone would just signup for TSA PreCheck when Global Entry offers the same perk plus expedited customs entry which is a HUGE time saver. But in the event you only want TSA PreCheck at least Amex gives their customers that option.

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