7 thoughts on “How I Got Approved for the American Express Business Platinum 100,000 Point Offer

  1. I may have my wife do this for her business.

    Thanks Jonathan


  2. i called the business line to transfer me to the consumer line (which i didnt have) – i had an expired offer for 25k for the everyday card, but the girl who answered asked me if i had a business, i said yes, so she offered me the 100,000 for 10k spend and tried REALLY hard to sell it to me. I knew about this, but it wasnt in my plans (i’d just gotten the limited bonuses available, 6 cards AOP (i had to call us airways the next day to add the extra 10k to my card lol – they didnt even know new the offer existed! lol, after i filled out the new application and threatened to click “submit” and told them they’d have to work out the two different applications, they gave in) – missed the southwest personal plus and business plus though by a day :(((( – verrry disappointed!!! ). 100,000 MR points are amazing, but im not in short supply of MR points, and i’d really really like the everyday (or preferred) card, but not for 10/15k points… when i can get it for 25k points, considering that with amex, its a one time lifetime bonus.. and also, im hopefully holding out for the 150,000 points plat biz.

    called 5 times, spoke with 5 different reps, they each said they couldn’t extend the 25k expired everyday offer to me, 3 said the offer didnt exist anymore. After the 5th call, i kicked in the towel. ball? threw in the towel? lol 😦

    quick question, is the app time for reapplying for an amex biz card 12 months or 24 months?


    • You can get the card if you haven’t had it in the past 12 months. I wouldn’t worry so much about the 6 inquires especially if they are related to personal cards and not the business. I feel you could explain those away with the right agent on the reconsideration line if you are not approved. But this offer has been around since April or May so maybe it is best to wait a bit and try in a few months (and see if you get the 150k offer in the meantime).


  3. whats your opinion? should i still get the plat biz for 100k now, and skip waiting for the hit-miss 150k? can i still considering the 6 hard hits a few days ago? i dont have any problems applying for it later…


  4. Today, upon learning that business plat holders now get 10 yearly gogo inflight passes, I decided to go for the business platinum. I scoured the internet to find out how to get the best bonus possible and came across this post. It worked perfectly. I called and said I had received an offer back around the holidays, but misplaced it, and could they check. The CSR asked my address and said no they couldn’t find the offer, but then she offered me the 100k/10k spend in 3 months over the phone. Thanks a ton! Still seems to work.


  5. […] spend near this amount, I would jump on this offer right away. I picked up this card when you could call in for a 100k offer so I am not eligibile to get this card (otherwise I would). If this spend requirement is too high, […]


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