Quick Post: Earn $30 Per EBates Referral (Up to $90) – Targeted

Not exactly points and miles related but I know many of you use shopping portals so here is an opportunity to earn a quick $90 if you are lucky enough to be targeted (or $75 for non-targeted users). Right now, certain Ebates users are being offered $30 for each friend you refer to Ebates (your friend will receive $10 for signing up) if they make a $25 purchase within one year of registering. Even if you are not targeted, you can earn $25 per referral up to $75 – check your Ebates account for your own personal referral link.


In the event you are not a member of Ebates, here is my referral link. Feel free to leave your referral links in the comments.

Even if you are not points and miles obsessed, you should always use a shopping portal before doing online shopping to earn extra cashback on purchases you are going to make anyway. In my experience, Ebates consistently has good rates (though not always the best so shop around using cashbackmonitor.com) and tracks accurately. Hopefully a few of you also got this increased offer – check your emails!


Earn 300-600 United Miles for Joining Opinion Miles Club & Taking One Survey

This definitely isn’t the most lucrative of deals but United is offering its frequent flyer members 300 miles (600 if you are an elite member or MileagePlus card holder) for joining Opinion Miles Club and completing one survey. As the name suggests, you can earn United miles for completing various surveys on all types of topics.

UA Opinion Club Miles

Since I am a MileagePlus cardmember, I was eligible to earn 600 miles so I decided to try it out to see how arduous the survey was. When I completed the setup for my account, I saw I was eligible for a survey…take was estimated to take 28 minutes! I was about to pass on it but decided to see if it was one of the surveys that I could at least click through quickly. Long story short, I was able to finish it in about 15 minutes (I may or may not have read every question completely) but the miles posted instantly to my account.

Opinion Miles Posting

Back in the day when I first started out collecting miles, I used to complete any mileage earning survey I could find until I realized it wasn’t a good use of my time. I imagine the time commitment doesn’t make this a feasible endeavor to earn miles constantly for most of you but might be worth it if you got 10-15 minutes with nothing better to do and qualify for the 600 miles. Outside of this one survey, I don’t plan to complete any others.

Roundup of Various Offers for 2,500 to 5,000 Free Miles/Points for a Free Solar Energy Consulation

NRG Home Solar has a series of offers for 2,500 to 5,000 free points/miles in various programs for setting up a free in-home consultation to discuss a solar energy solution for your home and an additional 12,500 to 25,000 miles/points if you signup and install solar panels. I was able to find offers for five programs with direct links below.


Direct Link to United Offer – 5,000 miles for free consultation, 25,000 additional miles for installation

Direct Link to JetBlue Offer – 5,000 points for free consultation, 25,000 additional points for installation

Direct Link to American Offer – 5,000 miles for free consultation, 25,000 additional miles for installation

Direct Link to Virgin America Offer – 5,000 points for free consultation, 25,000 additional points for installation

Direct Link to Marriott Offer – 5,000 points for free consultation, 25,000 additional points for installation

You can submit a request for a consultation online via the above links. The requirements to be eligible for the consultation are:

  • Must be a resident of Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York
  • First time NRG Home Solar customer
  • Own a “solar-feasible roof”
  • Meet applicable credit requirements

I’ve read through the fine print of the offer and it seems as long as you qualify for a free consultation above then this should be an easy way to earn 5,000 miles which I value at around ~$75 if you choose the AA or United offer. I’m not sure how much time you will need to commit to the consultation (which is at your house, I can’t imagine it’s more than an hour or so), but I’d say this is probably worth considering if you have some free time and don’t mind the inevitable hard sell.

Roundup of Chase Credit Cards Spending Bonus Promotions – Earn 4,000 to 7,500 Bonus Points

Today I received an email from Chase notifying me of a bonus spend offer on my existing Hyatt credit card which offered an additional 4,000 bonus points for spending $4,000 this summer from July 1st to September 30th. I wasn’t sure if this was a targeted offer or not but it appears via Doctor of Credit and Reddit Churning there are in fact several different targeted bonus spend offers out there on several Chase cards. Here are the known offers:

Hyatt Spend Offer

1) Hyatt Visa – Spend $4,000, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points

2) British Airways Visa – Spend $7,500, Earn 7,500 Bonus Avios

3) IHG Visa – Spend $4,000, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points

4) Marriott Visa – Spend $4,000, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points

5) Ritz Carlton Visa – Spend $7,500, Earn 7,500 Bonus Points

All of these offers are on top of the normal points you’d earn so if you spend say $4,000 on the Hyatt card at just Hyatt properties, you’d earn 12,000 points (since you earn 3x at Hyatt properties) plus an extra 4,000 points from this promotion. In short, all these offers add an 1x multiplier to your spend if you hit the minimum spend requirement. Of those, I think the Hyatt offer is the best followed by the British Airways offer.

There is no way to signup for these offers therefore I recommend checking your email, including your junk/spam folders in case you were targeted. If you really want to make sure you didn’t miss this offer and you have one the of the cards above, you could secure message Chase & see if they have any record of a bonus spend promotion on your account. In addition to these offers, there are also bonus spend offers on some non-Chase credit cards right now.

1) Barclaycard American Airlines Aviator – Earn 30% More Miles on All Spending

2) American Express Starwood Business Card – Spend $5,000 – Earn 5,000 Bonus Points. Spend $10,000 – Earn 10,000 Bonus Points

SPG Spend Offer

I have these two cards but I’ll first focus meeting on the $4,000 spend for the Hyatt card since I always seem to be running low on Hyatt points. The SPG offer is solid as well and I’ll focus on that offer next though in both cases I’ll prioritize any new signup bonus I am working on since that return will be greater than the extra point I’ll be earning per dollar.

1,000 Free United Miles for Downloading Prosper Daily App

United is offering MileagePlus customers 1,000 United miles for downloading the free Prosper Daily app (formerly BillGuard) and creating an account. I was able to download the app and signup for a free account in under 5 minutes.

United Prosper

The Prsoper Daily app seems to be similar to Mint in which it will track your spending when you link your credit cards and bank accounts. It also offers fraud alerts and can show you your credit score if you fill out some additional information. Here is what you need to do to get 1,000 free United miles:

  • Go to this link and fill in your name, zip code and United Mileageplus number
  • You will be asked to provide your mobile number so a link will be sent to you to download the app. I believe this is the only way to make sure you get the 1,000 miles – simply downloading the app directly from the iTunes or Google Play store will not work.

United Prosper1

  • Download the app via the mobile link and signup for an account (no SSN required).
  • I choose to link one rarely used credit card to the app to test it out but per the terms & conditions (see the relevant piece below) you only need to download the app & register for an account for the 1,000 free United miles.
  • The miles should appear in my account in 6 to 8 weeks.
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

In the past you used to be able to earn United miles for obtaining a personal loan through Prosper  (maybe you still can?)- this offer has nothing to do with that and is simply an easy 1,000 miles for downloading their app and registering. I don’t think I’ll use the app going forward but for 5 minutes of work, I say this is worth it for the 1,000 miles.