Quick Deal: Take $10 off $200 Visa Gift Cards at Staples.com 

Update: Deal dead – Out of stock. Told you it was gonna go quick!

Via Doctor of Credit, Staples is offering $10 off $200 Visa gift cards with a limit of 3 cards per person. Since each Visa card has a $6.95 purchase fee, you will net $3.05 per card but that’s not the main reason you want to do this. It’s all about the points!   

If you have a card that earns 5x at office supply stores, this is essentially a way to earn thousands of points while making a profit. 

Assuming you have a Chase Ink card and you max out this promotion you will buy $600 of Visa gift cards for $590.85. For that you will earn 2,954.25 Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Assuming you value those points at 1.5 cents each (which is low), that’s an additional profit of ~$44 on this deal. 

When combining those earnings with the $9.15 pure profit on the cards, this deal is worth over $50. For about 2 minutes of your time, this can’t be beat. 
I do not expect to this deal to last all day so be quick! 


Quick Deal: 1,000 Free Copa Airlines ConnectMiles for Everyone

Sidenote: Apologies for the lack of posts the past week – between my eye surgery and some unfortunate events in my personal life, it has been a difficult past week.

Here is an offer for 1,000 free miles that everyone is eligible for. Everyone is eligible because this is a brand new frequent flyer program from Copa Airlines, a Star Alliance member, based out of Panama. While they are a standalone airline, they have used United’s award chart and mileage program. Starting this year, Copa Airlines is creating their own frequent flyer program called ConnectMiles and they are offering 1,000 miles to new registrants.


To get the free 1,000 miles, you must provide your email to Copa Airlines via this link here and wait until enrollment opens until May. Once Copa presumably emails you in May to tell you to enroll in the program, you will receive the 1,000 miles if you sign up for a ConnectMiles account with the same email address.

To sum it up, there isn’t much to do now except agree to receive some emails and you’ll later be rewarded with 1,000 miles once you can actually signup for a frequent flyer account. Not too bad for 10 seconds of work!

(HT View From The Wing)

Quick Deal: 12% Off Frontier Flights with Promo Code LOWFARES

It feels like everytime I write about Frontier Airlines they are offering some sort of discount and this time is no exception, as they are offering 12% off most of their flights. There are of course restrictions around dates of travel but otherwise this is valid for both one-ways and roundtrips and all routes serviced by Frontier. You will want to use promo code LOWFARES when you book flights online at frontier.com.


Here are the key details to know:

  • Flights must be booked by 11:59 EST on October 30th
  • Valid travel dates are from November 6th to February 11th, a little over 3 months.
  • Not valid for Friday or Sunday travel
  • There are unfortunately blackout dates around the holidays. They are as follows: Nov. 21-26; Nov. 29- Dec. 1; Dec 19-24; Dec. 26-28 2014; Jan. 3-4, 2015. Interestingly, MLK weekend is not restricted so you could return on the Monday of that weekend using this promotion.

It is important to note that now Frontier charges for carry-on bags and seat reservations, similar to Spirit. I don’t consider them on the same level (I think Spirit is much worse at nickel & diming you) but Andrea flew them last month from PDX-DEN-LGA and it was a perfectly fine experience. She was able to use a prior discount code from Frontier (these happen with enough regularity) and the flights, even including the carry-on baggage fee, were $75 to $100 cheaper then United or other carriers. And with Frontier aggressively expanding on the east coast with more flights out of NY and Washington DC, it’s worth taking a look to see if this promo could help even if you are not based in Denver or the West Coast.


Quick Deal: 500 Virgin America Elevate Miles for $.99

Virgin America has launched their own shopping portal called Elevate Fly Store and they are offering all users 500 bonus Virgin America Elevate miles for making their first online purchase through the store by September 30. All you need is your Virgin America frequent flyer account details to log into the Elevate Fly store. It seems to have most major retailers so it should be relatively easy to find something you were going to buy anyway to get the extra 500 bonus miles.


I titled this post “500 Virgin America Elevate Miles for $.99” because even if you had no plans to shop through this new shopping portal, you could still get the 500 mile bonus for simply buying a single $.99 cent song in iTunes since the terms and conditions do not specific a minimum purchase amount. This is most likely the cheapest and easiest way to take advantage of this promotion. Make sure you search for iTunes and NOT the Apple store.


Here are the full terms and conditions of the offer (which surprisingly isn’t long at all). Note there is no language on the minimum purchase amount. 

Bonus Point Offer Terms & Conditions:

The First Purchase 500 Bonus Point Offer is valid on your first purchase made via the Elevate Fly Store site from August 27 through September 30 2014.

Please allow up to 50 days from the date of purchase for bonus points to be credited to your account. If bonus points have not been credited within 50 days, please fill out the missing points claim form which can be accessed by visiting “Contact Us” on the Fly Store website.