Who Wants 1 Million Points?

Via Mile Nerd, points.com is running a contest where one lucky receipent will win one million points in the program of their choice!

Yes, it is a longshot you will win but let’s daydream where one million points could take you. Let’s say you choose United miles. To give you an idea what you could burn one million miles on, you could use them for:

  • 4o Roundtrip Domestic Flights in the Continental US or
  • 8 Roundtrip Business Class Flights to Europe or
  • 10 Roundtrip First Class Flights to Hawaii or
  • 7 Roundtrip Business Class Flight to Australia

Link to signup for the contest is – HERE.

Good luck – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

*Note I do not receive anything if you enter the contest – I simply think for 10 seconds of work, its worth daydreaming where one million miles can take you*
**PointsCentric is on vacation, using his points and miles, without access to wifi and thus, cannot respond to emails or comments. Please enjoy this run of scheduled posts – I will respond to all email and approved comments upon my return. Thanks!**

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