Good To Know: Do Not Open a Frequent Flyer Account for Your Cello

This is actually a bit of old news but a musician and his cello were kicked out of the Delta SkyMiles program. Yes, this musician, Lynn Harrell, opened a frequent flyer account for his cello as he always booked a separate seat for his cello and earned several hundred thousands miles. That’s easily worth a few round trip flights in business to Europe or a ton of domestic flights – I get why he did it.

However, Delta apparently frowned upon that and closed not only the cello’s account but also Lynn’s account as well. It’s safe to say he was not happy.

Stephen Colbert cover this in a pretty funny piece featuring one of the premier points  and miles blogger, Gary Leff, from View From the Wing. Check out Colbert’s piece here.


I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson from this – do not open a frequent flyer account for your favorite wooden instrument.

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