Who Wants 1 Million Points?

Via Mile Nerd, points.com is running a contest where one lucky receipent will win one million points in the program of their choice!

Yes, it is a longshot you will win but let’s daydream where one million points could take you. Let’s say you choose United miles. To give you an idea what you could burn one million miles on, you could use them for:

  • 4o Roundtrip Domestic Flights in the Continental US or
  • 8 Roundtrip Business Class Flights to Europe or
  • 10 Roundtrip First Class Flights to Hawaii or
  • 7 Roundtrip Business Class Flight to Australia

Link to signup for the contest is – HERE.

Good luck – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

*Note I do not receive anything if you enter the contest – I simply think for 10 seconds of work, its worth daydreaming where one million miles can take you*
**PointsCentric is on vacation, using his points and miles, without access to wifi and thus, cannot respond to emails or comments. Please enjoy this run of scheduled posts – I will respond to all email and approved comments upon my return. Thanks!**

Roundup of Four Offers for Free Points & Miles!

This has been a good week for free points and miles as several deals appeared this week. I’ll give a brief rundown of each.

1) Create a Southwest Frequent Flyer Account and Earn 750 Miles! Hopefully most of you followed my advice previously and created your frequent flyer accounts already but if not, Southwest is offering 750 miles for signing up for an account. I have a referral link I can send you directly to signup in which you will receive the 750 miles and I will receive 500 miles for referring you. Please contact me if you’d like me to refer you!

2) 500 United Miles –  United has a dining program in which you can earn 500 miles just for signing up! I’ll go more in-depth on airline dining programs in another post but basically you link your frequent flyer number and credit card and if you go out to eat at a participating restaurant, you get extra miles! Once you signup and link a credit card, there is no extra work – just pay with that credit card at the restaurant!

3) 2,000 Marriott Points Per Month via Social Media. Marriott just launched a new program called “Plus Points” in which members can earn up to 2,000 Rewards Points per 30 days for participating in specific social media tasks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. This includes liking hotels on Facebook, tweeting certain hashtags and more. The Points Guy has a good rundown of the info here. If you did this for a few minutes each month, you could potentially earn 24,000 points a year which is a free hotel room up to category 5!

Free hotel room for playing around on social media!

Free hotel room for playing around on social media!

4) 500 IHG Points! The hotel program for Intercontinental, Holiday Inns and more is offering 500 free points for taking 3 really short quizzes (seriously it takes 20 seconds each). Here are the links to the quizzes (below just click the quiz) and here is a separate link to the answers (c’mon how easy can this get).

1. 300 Point Quiz 

2. 100 Point Quiz 

3. 100 Point Quiz (#2)

Now of course none of these deals alone will get you enough miles for a free trip but every little bit helps. You never know when you might be 500 or 1,000 points short. Remember the points and miles game is a marathon, not a sprint and every little bit helps.

Free 1,000 Club Carlson Points via Twitter

Club Carlson is giving 1,000 points to the first 15,000 people who follow them on Twitter and register at this link.  Club Carlson is the rewards program for Radisson, Country Inn, Park Inn and Park Plaza Hotels. Before you dismiss this, Club Carlson has a very strong presence in Europe and if you get their credit card, you will receive your last night free when paid with points!

Note: Registration is limited to the first 15,000 people so I would do this ASAP!