$20 Off your First Trip on Uber…Expires on 4/25!

UPDATE 6/21: The offer is now for $30 off your first ride. Click on this link to sign up.

This isn’t really related to points & miles per se but this is still a great deal I wanted to pass along before it expired. If you signup for Uber directly, there are generally no credits but if you are referred by an existing user you can get $20 in free credits to use on your first Uber ride!

Until, 4/25 Uber is offering new users $20 in credit to take off their first ride if they sign up for Uber by 4/25. If you signup after 4/25, you will only get $10 in credit to use towards your first ride. The best part is you do not need to actually use them by 4/25 to get the $20 credit – you just need to sign up by 4/25.

In short, sign up before 4/25 to get $20 off your first ride with Uber even if your first ride does not occur until afterwards. By signing up now, you are locking in a free $2o credit – if you wait until 4/26, you will only receive $10 in credit.

Since you need to be referred by someone to get the $20 in Uber credits, please consider using my link here to signup. We will both receive $20 in Uber credits – remember if you do not sign up via a referral, you will receive no free credits!


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