Good Deal Alerts: 15% off Frontier Flights, $400 Flights to Norway & 12,000 Free Melia Hotel Rewards Points

Tax day brings up a trio of good deals in the travel industry. Without further ado:

1) Frontier Airlines is celebrating tax day by offering 15% off most domestic flights flown by June 12th if travel is booked by April 17th. A 15% discount on airfare is pretty rare so you might be able to score solid airfares here.

2) Via The Points Guy, you can find flights from the NY area to Norway for only $407!  Availability is greatest for travel between November 2014 through March 2015 (skiing in Norway anyone?) for flights on United and Norwegian Air. If you have a choice, I’d choose United to earn miles for flying vs Norwegian which I don’t believe has a frequent flyer program.

3) Lastly, most of you have probably never heard of Melia Hotels, but they are currently giving away 12,000 points for signing up for their rewards program. The downside is you only have until April 30th to use the points but 12,000 points can be a free night at some of their locations in Europe or Asia. They do not have a big North American presence (only 3 hotels in the US and some in the Caribbean) but if your travel plans over the next year take you near a Melia hotel you might get a room for free! Or if the 12,000 points doesn’t cover a free room, you could use a points & cash option, effectively using those 12,000 points to lower the price of a room.

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of these deals!


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