Quick Deal: Take $10 off $200 Visa Gift Cards at Staples.com 

Update: Deal dead – Out of stock. Told you it was gonna go quick!

Via Doctor of Credit, Staples is offering $10 off $200 Visa gift cards with a limit of 3 cards per person. Since each Visa card has a $6.95 purchase fee, you will net $3.05 per card but that’s not the main reason you want to do this. It’s all about the points!   

If you have a card that earns 5x at office supply stores, this is essentially a way to earn thousands of points while making a profit. 

Assuming you have a Chase Ink card and you max out this promotion you will buy $600 of Visa gift cards for $590.85. For that you will earn 2,954.25 Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Assuming you value those points at 1.5 cents each (which is low), that’s an additional profit of ~$44 on this deal. 

When combining those earnings with the $9.15 pure profit on the cards, this deal is worth over $50. For about 2 minutes of your time, this can’t be beat. 
I do not expect to this deal to last all day so be quick! 


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