Quick Deal: 500 Virgin America Elevate Miles for $.99

Virgin America has launched their own shopping portal called Elevate Fly Store and they are offering all users 500 bonus Virgin America Elevate miles for making their first online purchase through the store by September 30. All you need is your Virgin America frequent flyer account details to log into the Elevate Fly store. It seems to have most major retailers so it should be relatively easy to find something you were going to buy anyway to get the extra 500 bonus miles.


I titled this post “500 Virgin America Elevate Miles for $.99” because even if you had no plans to shop through this new shopping portal, you could still get the 500 mile bonus for simply buying a single $.99 cent song in iTunes since the terms and conditions do not specific a minimum purchase amount. This is most likely the cheapest and easiest way to take advantage of this promotion. Make sure you search for iTunes and NOT the Apple store.


Here are the full terms and conditions of the offer (which surprisingly isn’t long at all). Note there is no language on the minimum purchase amount. 

Bonus Point Offer Terms & Conditions:

The First Purchase 500 Bonus Point Offer is valid on your first purchase made via the Elevate Fly Store site from August 27 through September 30 2014.

Please allow up to 50 days from the date of purchase for bonus points to be credited to your account. If bonus points have not been credited within 50 days, please fill out the missing points claim form which can be accessed by visiting “Contact Us” on the Fly Store website.


4 thoughts on “Quick Deal: 500 Virgin America Elevate Miles for $.99

  1. […] News and notes from around the interweb: Simon Mall gift cards – that come with PINs and can be used to buy money orders – can now be purchased online for ~ $5 per $500 all-in. An important reminder for avoiding tourist scams: you’re not that good looking and irresistible (and expensive watches just make you a target, not an amazing wooer of women). That rolex will just get stolen. (HT: Alan H.) Pretty cool new DC public transit app Thai Airways is getting a bailout. What the front desk is saying when they talk about you. Hint: It’s all quite necessary and business-appropriate. (HT: Alan H.) 500 Virgin America Elevate points for 99 cents […]


  2. Elevate store, Apple Store Purchase Conditions STATES:
    “Stated reward is for purchasing: New Mac Pro, iMac, new iMac, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, Mac mini, Mac Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, Displays, Accessories, Software, Apple TV.” DOES NOT MENTION ITUNES PURCHASES AS A REWARD ITEM?


  3. Thank you… (Apple Store also says, ‘Unless you are notified otherwise, no rewards are given on new products when launched, One-to-one membership, Shipping and Tax charges, ITUNES gift cards, Apple gift cards purchases and gift wrap.”.) Looking for iTunes link now!! 🙂


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