Save 20% When Redeeming Points on Southwest!

Southwest just sent me an email with a unique promo code offering me the opportunity to use 20% fewer points when redeeming them for a Southwest award flight. This might be targeted but make sure to check your inbox (and junk folders in case) for an email for your code.

Reading the terms and conditions, here are the key details:

1. Flights must be booked by December 22, 2014.

2. Valid for roundtrip travel only from January 6th to February 12th. There are blackout dates around MLK weekend from January 16-19.

3. The 20% point savings is only valid for Wanna Getaway Fares purchased 7 days in advance (aka the cheapest level of fares).

4. Valid only on domestic flights and flights to Puerto Rico. No international flights included.

This promotion should work with those using the companion pass as well as I don’t see anything in the terms of conditions preventing that. I’m not in front of a computer to test this but I wonder if it is possible to get the discount on one flight if one falls outside the range (i.e depart Feb 11 but return Feb 13 after travel window is over).

Share your experience if you got an email with a code. I don’t think I’ll use mine so I’ll raffle it off to anyone to who comments by Friday night the 19th, 11:59pm EST. There is no guarantee this code will work if used outside my account (basically I don’t know if the codes are linked to a specific account and will only work for points used in that account) but if it does, someone will get my code.


7 thoughts on “Save 20% When Redeeming Points on Southwest!

  1. I did not get an email. But I could definitely use the code.


    Jonathan Newman Sent from my iPhone


  2. I didn’t get an email either but I could definitely use the code too! 🙂
    Thank you!!
    Happy Holidays!!

    Kim McNamara


  3. Would love a shot! Huge fan.


  4. I didn’t get an email, but would love a code. I’m flying home to see family (and to escape Chicago’s cold) in January.


  5. I’ll take a shot at the raffle, thanks!


  6. Thanks all for entering! Per a random number generator, Scott was the winner! I have emailed him but if he gets back to me and tells me he cannot use the code, I will choose another winner.


  7. Jonathan and Kim, Slickdeals has a forum where people are trading these. I got one for a $5 Amazon gift card. I think it’s sort of weird to trade something that was free, but I found it worth the $5.


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