Roundup of Chase Credit Cards Spending Bonus Promotions – Earn 4,000 to 7,500 Bonus Points

Today I received an email from Chase notifying me of a bonus spend offer on my existing Hyatt credit card which offered an additional 4,000 bonus points for spending $4,000 this summer from July 1st to September 30th. I wasn’t sure if this was a targeted offer or not but it appears via Doctor of Credit and Reddit Churning there are in fact several different targeted bonus spend offers out there on several Chase cards. Here are the known offers:

Hyatt Spend Offer

1) Hyatt Visa – Spend $4,000, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points

2) British Airways Visa – Spend $7,500, Earn 7,500 Bonus Avios

3) IHG Visa – Spend $4,000, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points

4) Marriott Visa – Spend $4,000, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points

5) Ritz Carlton Visa – Spend $7,500, Earn 7,500 Bonus Points

All of these offers are on top of the normal points you’d earn so if you spend say $4,000 on the Hyatt card at just Hyatt properties, you’d earn 12,000 points (since you earn 3x at Hyatt properties) plus an extra 4,000 points from this promotion. In short, all these offers add an 1x multiplier to your spend if you hit the minimum spend requirement. Of those, I think the Hyatt offer is the best followed by the British Airways offer.

There is no way to signup for these offers therefore I recommend checking your email, including your junk/spam folders in case you were targeted. If you really want to make sure you didn’t miss this offer and you have one the of the cards above, you could secure message Chase & see if they have any record of a bonus spend promotion on your account. In addition to these offers, there are also bonus spend offers on some non-Chase credit cards right now.

1) Barclaycard American Airlines Aviator – Earn 30% More Miles on All Spending

2) American Express Starwood Business Card – Spend $5,000 – Earn 5,000 Bonus Points. Spend $10,000 – Earn 10,000 Bonus Points

SPG Spend Offer

I have these two cards but I’ll first focus meeting on the $4,000 spend for the Hyatt card since I always seem to be running low on Hyatt points. The SPG offer is solid as well and I’ll focus on that offer next though in both cases I’ll prioritize any new signup bonus I am working on since that return will be greater than the extra point I’ll be earning per dollar.


2 thoughts on “Roundup of Chase Credit Cards Spending Bonus Promotions – Earn 4,000 to 7,500 Bonus Points

  1. Hi Ralph, what’s the next sign up bonus you are targeting? Did you go after the JetBlue – VA match? I submitted my request and if approved, I’ll probably get the JetBlue card.


    • Didn’t do JetBlue VA match – won’t be able to fly for a few months. Not sure on next signup but JetBlue is a consideration as well as maybe Citi AA business


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