Quick Post: Earn $30 Per EBates Referral (Up to $90) – Targeted

Not exactly points and miles related but I know many of you use shopping portals so here is an opportunity to earn a quick $90 if you are lucky enough to be targeted (or $75 for non-targeted users). Right now, certain Ebates users are being offered $30 for each friend you refer to Ebates (your friend will receive $10 for signing up) if they make a $25 purchase within one year of registering. Even if you are not targeted, you can earn $25 per referral up to $75 – check your Ebates account for your own personal referral link.


In the event you are not a member of Ebates, here is my referral link. Feel free to leave your referral links in the comments.

Even if you are not points and miles obsessed, you should always use a shopping portal before doing online shopping to earn extra cashback on purchases you are going to make anyway. In my experience, Ebates consistently has good rates (though not always the best so shop around using cashbackmonitor.com) and tracks accurately. Hopefully a few of you also got this increased offer – check your emails!


2 thoughts on “Quick Post: Earn $30 Per EBates Referral (Up to $90) – Targeted

  1. Thanks! Big Upstste NY hugs to anyone who uses mine!!



  2. Here is my Ebates referral link! Join and get $10 sign up bonus. https://www.ebates.com/r/HUIHUI168?eeid=28187


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