$30 Off Uber Rides + Double Points on Uber with American Express

I’m just getting back into the swing of things after our Alaskan vacation (which was awesome, check out the ice cave at the end of the post) so I have two quick tidbits related to Uber that I missed while I was away.

1) $30 Off Your First Uber Ride – I’ve posted about Uber credits before so I’ll make this quick – Uber has temporarily increased the signup bonus to $30 off your first ride when referred by an existing user. My link is below if you still haven’t signed up and feel free to leave your own referral link in the comments (disclaimer: the referrer will receive $30 in credits as well)

Uber Signup Link – Click Here for $30 Off Your First Ride

2) Double Membership Rewards Points on Uber Rides with American Express – Amex has partnered with Uber to offer 2x Membership Rewards points instead of the standard 1x points when you link an eligible American Express card to your Uber account and pay for the ride using that card. Eligible Amex cards include the Platinum, Gold Rewards, Everyday, Everyday Preferred, Green among others.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I would still use that for Uber rides as you will earn 2.14 points (2x points on all travel + annual dividend). But if you don’t have one, this new partnership between Uber and Amex could be a nice benefit for you.

I use Uber quite frequently from JFK or LGA to home after our trips and it is always cheaper for us. A traditional car service is between $70-$75 to Mineola but my last Uber ride from JFK was only $52 and has never been more than $66. When factoring in the convenience of it as well, it’s a no-brainer to me.

Inside a Glacier Ice Cave #nofilter

Inside a Glacier Ice Cave #nofilter


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