750 Free United Miles + Potential for 750 More!

It seems almost every week there is a way to get some free miles out there and this week’s offering includes 750 United Miles for joining MyPoints. You will receive 500 miles for signing up and verifying your account and an additional 250 miles for completing your profile. I did both and it took approximately 5 minutes.

1,500 United Miles!

1,500 United Miles!

MyPoints is an online shopping portal that allows you to earn bonus points or miles for shopping online. So for shopping you might already be doing, you could be earning 2x, 5x or I’ve even seen 40x the amount of points or miles! I plan on discussing the benefits of online shopping portals in a future Points & Miles 101 post but to summarize quickly, instead of heading to say Macys.com or Target.com, you would first log in to your MyPoints account and click through to a store’s website from the MyPoints website. They will track any potential order you make and award you a certain bonus amount of points (typically ranging from 2x-5x) per dollar spent.

So for a quick example, let’s say you need to buy a new bathing suit for the upcoming summer season and Macy’s has a great one at $30. Let’s ignore tax and shipping for a moment – if you were to purchase this bathing suit normally, you might earn 30 points if you use a rewards credit card. However, for a few extra clicks and logging in to MyPoints first and seeing Macy’s is currently offering 4 bonus points per dollar spent, you would earn an  additional 120 points for buying that same bathing suit (4 points x 30 dollars)! 

I mentioned in the title for a potential of 750 more United Miles and you could earn that if you make your first purchase of $25 or more via MyPoints within 30 days of membership. Full terms below.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


(h/t to Gary  via Mile Nerd)


2 thoughts on “750 Free United Miles + Potential for 750 More!

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