Chase Sapphire Reserve Update: The Hype is Insane and Past the Point of Ridiculousness

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’ve never see anything like the anticipation/suspense/desire/worry/excitement/nervousness etc.. about the Chase Sapphire Reserve being released today. I know everyone is antsy to get a 100k signup bonus especially if you are over 5/24 since applying earlier is probably the best chance to get approved if the 5/24 rules haven’t made it to the card yet. However, some people are taking this a bit too far thinking they need to apply the moment the card is available.

I mean look at this thread on Reddit Churning – since yesterday evening, there have been over 1,300 comments and there are currently over 1,330 users on that site. If you don’t follow the site, those number are nutty as people are losing their damn mind about this card. People are literally refreshing pages that might contain the application link by guessing the URL based on the format of other Chase cards. Some stayed up all night refreshing links or that thread. Some are calling Chase 6 + times this morning. One user even posted about they have a script that will automatically tell him when the card is available – are you freaking kidding me?


My advice? You don’t need to apply the instant it is available. Ideally I’d apply in the few hours or within the day it is available but by then you will see other bloggers post about it or users mention it on Twitter so relax. Besides, the few datapoints coming in seem to indicate the online app won’t be available till tomorrow and only in-branch applications are accepted today (Yes there are a handful of branches open today. No I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit one).

As an FYI, I would guess the big blogs (TPG, MMS, VFTW, OMAAT etc..) won’t have their affiliate links until later in the day tomorrow so I recommend following Doctor of Credit or my Twitter to get notice when a public (i.e. non-affiliate) link is live if you want to apply right away. If you need a refresher, here are my thoughts on the card and applying for it.