8 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Chase Sapphire Reserve & Its 100k Signup Bonus

  1. Thank you for this, I so appreciate your honest thoughts and comments!


  2. There is no chance of getting approved and not getting the bonus right? It’s either card + bonus, or no approval at all?


    • My guess is no approval at all. If you want the card without the signup bonus, you might be able to upgrade from a Sapphire Preferred – not sure on this.


  3. It was no mistake that Chase linked to TPG. Bankrate owns ThePointsGuy blog and they’ve spent years going after blogs telling them to delete Chase card reviews. Now we can see that Chase was behind them in this and probably have an investment in Bankrate. The smaller bloggers have lost out due to this anti-competitive behavior and should put together a lawsuit. Chase doesn’t need it’s own blog nor does it need smaller bloggers since it has had the TPG in its hands to use as its main promotional tool.


  4. I decided to take your lead and reduce my CLs on several Chase accounts and free up $15k of credit. I had a ridiculous amount on my Ink card, anyway, and I don’t MS anymore like I use to do, so it doesn’t bother me much to try. Thanks for the idea.


  5. Never a need to consider what link to use when applying for a card. Because one should NEVER use a link that gives a cc pimp money for using your good credit.

    Give your heads a shake if you are one of the idiots who does use blogger links – just what do you think was the cause of the huge tightening from the cc companies in the past few years? And how about all the MS methods and products that evaporated? They are in direct proportion to the amount of pimps shoveling CC apps in readers faces every day.

    Just don’t do it.


  6. […] As an FYI, I would guess the big blogs (TPG, MMS, VFTW, OMAAT etc..) won’t have their affiliate links until later in the day tomorrow so I recommend following Doctor of Credit or my Twitter to get notice when a public (i.e. non-affiliate) link is live if you want to apply right away. If you need a refresher, here are my thoughts on the card and applying for it. […]


  7. […] know I’ve posted a lot about the Chase Sapphire Reserve over the past week and while I thought I was done talking about the card, I have one more post […]


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