Rant: The Misleading Headlines on the Sapphire Reserve Offer Ending

Below I’ve copied several headlines from bloggers in the points/miles blogosphere regarding the Chase Sapphire Reserve. These were all posted this week though I expect similar, additional posts today as well.


From Million Mile Secrets

From Dans Deals

From Dans Deals

Email from Award Wallet

Email from Award Wallet


From Travel Skills

Dans Deals for a Second Time!

Without any other background and simply reading the above headlines what do would a reasonable person assume? I would argue a reasonable, logical person would think the 100,000 point signup bonus offer on the Chase Sapphire Reserve is ending for good and the last day to apply for the current offer is today (1/11). That seems like a pretty fair conclusion no?

Guess what? It isn’t true.

In case your favorite affiliate blogger failed to mention this or buried the actual end date of the offer in 1,000 word exposé on why you need the Chase Sapphire Reserve before Thursday, this offer is available in branches till at least March 12th. There is no question this is probably one of the strongest bonus out there right now – in fact, I demonstrated how this offer was worth $1,100 CASH in your pocket at a bare minimum – but unless you don’t live near a Chase branch, there is no reason to rush into this offer especially if you have concerns about 5/24 status and/or can’t meet the required minimum spend.

I don’t know why it irks me that many of these bloggers fail to put their readers first but is it really that hard to make the headline “Last Chance to Apply Online for 100k Sapphire Reserve Bonus”, “The 100k Online Signup Bonus for the Sapphire Reserve Ends Wednesday” or something similar? Actually it’s not as I saw at least a few bloggers do the right thing.

From Pizza in Motion

From Pizza in Motion

Trust me I understand why bloggers are failing to do this as any in branch applications don’t make them any money. They only make money when readers apply via their links – in fact, good money as the rumored commission on this is $200 to $300 per successful application if bloggers have direct Chase links for this card, less so if not direct links. Starting Thursday their sales pitches to readers to apply via their links gets much harder when their links will literally offer half the public, in-branch offer. So unless you don’t live/work/travel near a Chase branch before March, there is no reason to fall for all this  “Last Chance” or “Hours Left” (you know some blogger will post that headline today) bullshit. 

Hey bloggers be better than this…


5 thoughts on “Rant: The Misleading Headlines on the Sapphire Reserve Offer Ending

  1. Your headline was misleading as well “My Unbiased Opinion: Yes, You Should Get a Sapphire Reserve Card Before the Bonus Decreases to 50k Next Week”


    • TPG is that you?

      And while I agree my initial post did have that headline, it was later corrected to be more accurate. Make sure you present all the facts next time…


      • Hahaha got called out for calling others out when your just as guilty. Oh but that was an honest mistake. Yeah I’m sure buddy. Pff ahahahaha. You come off as really think skinned there buddy. Defensive much?


        • You’re*

          Sure I made a mistake and fixed it – all bloggers make them but at least I owned up to it. Whether you believe it was honest or not is up to you, but I don’t benefit or suffer if you apply online, in branch, today, tomorrow, or never.


  2. […] I stayed away from the hideous pumping of the CSR card in its final day for the 100k signup bonus (online only).  I just felt awful seeing these desperate greedy headlines, thanks to PointsCentric who collected some of these misleading whorish headlines! […]


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