16 thoughts on “Success! Citibank Finally Agrees to Award 50k Citigold Checking Account Signup Bonus

  1. Terrible experience for my mom. She fulfilled her requirements in July, we were told that it will take 3 months from the completion date for them to process the miles. When that time came, we were told then it would take 90 more days for it post, which meant November/December time frame from the original May opening date of the citigold acct. Then that didn’t even happen and we were sent off to another internal organization that sent a letter confirming we will award the (TY) points, but then they didn’t actually show up in the TY account until we went through more and more rigarmarole.

    Really my every banking experience with Citibank has been awful.


  2. i hope you get your points, I have been fighting to get mine as well. In my latest communication, I forwarded the reference numbers of 4 communications from Citi telling me I was eligible, I satisfied the commit and would receive the bonus. I received the same message as your wife telling me I would be credited the 50K AA miles last week. Hopefully the point get credited but I am still doubtful. I received that email in March and nothing. I was told over the phone the they were processing my points and nothing. Hopefully this time. I love my Citi credit cards but the banking branch service has been pretty poor.


  3. I did the EXACT same thing and received the same letter via the CFPB. I’m on day 10


  4. Ralph, are you going to wit and downgrade the account AFTER the miles post or do it now? I’m waiting for my miles to post, supposedly within the next 20 days. I’ll get another $30 fee on the second, but my AF for the Prestige will hit mid month. I read your earlier post about downgraded accounts not having to pay the fee. I’m wondering if I should just pay the 30 so I’m guaranteed the $100 reduced fee and Citi couldn’t come back at me for downgrading the acct for the miles bonus.


    • I think even if you downgrade you would be fine in both cases. My case is interesting (see my post this week for more details) but I got a letter this week from Citi they awarded the miles on 5/18 but I would only see them after close of current statement. In between, I downgraded to Basic say like 5/25 and miles did post.


  5. Thanks for the follow up, I’ll give it a try


  6. I opened my Citigold account in December for the 50k AA bonus. I paid my first May 1 $30 account fee and still no bonus. I filed a complaint with CPFB and told Citi and they still told me no, I wasn’t targeted. At least they refunded my fee.


    • Did you ever get confirmation of the bonus in writing via secure message? That seems to be the key based on my experience and others I’ve read


  7. Hey Ralph,
    So after they send a letter saying they will post the TY points (in my case), it is OK to downgrade before the statement close and the points actually post.


  8. My hat is off to you! I also opened my Citigold account in December and then learned I wouldn’t be receiving the 50,000 ThankYou point bonus. I didn’t put up a fight though. Of course, I didn’t receive the bonus. Don’t know why I didn’t consider a CFPB complaint as this was pretty clearly a case of Citibank being in the wrong. Next time I experience something like this, I’ll definitely check here and elsewhere to see what others are doing.


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