Very Quick Pro Tip: You Can Get Free E-ZPass Supplies

I know this isn’t points/miles related (though I guess it could be travel related) but I came across something useful when it came to E-ZPass. Did you know you can order additional E-ZPass supplies for free directly from E-ZPass? It turns out you can order replacement Adhesive Strip Sets & Read Prevention Bags right from their website (you can also order replacement E-ZPass tags online as well).

EZ Pass Supplies

To access the “Request Supplies” page, simply log into your E-ZPass account and select “Vehicle & Tags”. From there, select Request Supplies and order what you need. The above screenshot is from the E-ZPass New York website (not sure if other states look the same). You can order four of each at a time (hey those little adhesive strips have multiple other uses around the house).

This came up when I got a new car recently and needed new adhesive strips – figured it was worth a shot to see if E-ZPass would provide them and found out they did. Yes, I know this at most saves you maybe a few dollars but hey free is free!


2 thoughts on “Very Quick Pro Tip: You Can Get Free E-ZPass Supplies

  1. Even better, you can buy a suction cup E-Z Pass holder that you can move from car to car – we got ours at Bed, Bath & Beyond. According to E-Z Pass the tag is associated with vehicle class, not individual car.


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