7 thoughts on “Amazing Deal Alert: Public Amex Platinum Signup Bonus is at 100,000 Points!

  1. I have read that American Express prorates their annual fee. I’m not sure I can use the airline credit so if I get the points in two or three months and then cancel the card would I theoretically only pay three months of annual fee?


    • In theory yes, though I don’t advise this and suggest waiting at least 6 months to cancel any card after getting a signup bonus. You would be better off cancelling In January after you have used the airline credit twice. And remember points must be used or held safely with another MR earning card.


  2. I only fly 2 or 3 times a year and I don’t spend money on luggage or drinks. What else could I use the airline credit for?


  3. Thank you for the great advice and your informative posts. We use southwest a lot so i will likely get SW gift cards for future use. God Bless you and your family


  4. Yikes it looks like the offer is gone and your link is not working. Any advice?


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