3 thoughts on “I Dragged My Feet & Got Burned: Citibank Kills Funding Bank Accounts With A Credit Card

  1. On the face of it, the only way out of your dilemma is to strand your wife at home when next you blow AA miles on a trip anywhere. As for me, I cashed in funding both Citi accounts with a Barclay Aviator, but I’m going to strand your wife, too. No offense.


  2. Yup like mms doesn’t read this blog and then post stuff on his blog. Like you can put up an article about how to make a bomb and “refuse to believe” that you helped the terrorists.

    Even for the citigold account they send you checks and FedEx agreements etc. They spend a lot of money to acquire a customer. I don’t think people cared enough.

    I have come to this conclusion: this hobby is truly for the capitalists i.e self interested. People only care about themselves and only for the short term. I always wondered how people could be liberal and patriotic (i.e caring about others and the country) when their actions are all about me me me. Sounds like they are lying hypocrites too.


  3. Oh and I mean to say don’t beat yourself on it. It would have happened anyway. If not you, someone else.


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