19 thoughts on “My Experience Funding a New Citibank Savings Plus Account With a Credit Card

  1. Can you open a checking and savings account within a difference of few days and earn bonuses on both?


    • For the savings account, I’m not actually earning any bonus. The only thing I am gaining are points/miles by funding it with a credit card. I think you can open them several days apart and be able to successfully fund both with a credit card.


  2. […] detailed post on how PointsCentric funded a new CitiSavingsPlus account with a credit […]


  3. Nice work, congrats! Reminds me of 2008-09, doing it for 7 months in a row, posting about it on FTG prior to this whole hobby blew up. Do it again next month!




  4. […] My Experience Funding a New Citibank Savings Plus Account With a Credit Card – Another opportunity to fund a Citi account with a credit card. […]


  5. Did you sign into your Citi account before applying or did you fill out the whole application from scratch?


  6. I opened the savings account several weeks after the checking. I had to fax my SS card and drivers license before being allowed to fund using the credit card. I used a BOA Travel Rewards card to fund over the phone (the same card used for the checking which generated no cash advance or transaction fee), but the charge was supposedly declined. I had to call about the transaction again since I didn’t see the amount (far, far less the amount you funded) on either the BOA credit card or in the Citibank account. Citibank tried a second time and the charge has now gone through.


  7. Anyone recently successfully fund either a Citi savings OR checking account with a Citi AA Platinum personal card? Citi AA Platinum Business card?


  8. Anyone have failure or success to report funding Citi savings or checking accounts with Citi AA Platinum M/C, personal version? Citi AA Platinum M/C, business version? Thanks.


  9. Wow – This is an excellent Post!!!!!!!!!!

    I had the idea to do this after I opened my checking account with the Credit card & clearing out the balance on the card. When I opened the savings account a few weeks ago I did not see the form to print out so I figured it was a no go.

    Then I read this & just called the new accounts & they will be processing the $27,000 on my Arrival card!

    I called Barclays Arrival to pre-clear so hope all goes well.

    Luckily I never funded it.

    Thanks for the tip & $540 in travel 🙂


  10. […] So, let me describe my experience so far. Keep in mind, I haven’t actually gotten the bonus yet. So, when you head on over to the referenced DoC post, there will be a link to apply. Make sure you put in the code for the offer you choose and select “CitiGold” option (very important). Follow all the steps but don’t fund the account right away because it will probably give you an error (just leave it at zero for now). You do have an option of funding with a credit card but I didn’t do it. Read this post on PointCentric for his experience on using Barclaycard Arrival Plus. […]


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