Hawaiian Airlines Follows Up with a Nice Mahalo

A few weeks ago I posted about our experience assisting in a medical emergency on our flight home on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 50 HNL-JFK. It was a popular post and it was interesting to see what others thought of the situation. While I was surprised with the all the medical equipment onboard, many of you told me this was all standard so I definitely learned a few new things out of this whole experience.


As mentioned in that post, one of the flight attendants asked for our contact information and we filled out the form above. I forgot about giving them my contact info so I was surprised again last week when I saw a big box on my doorstep that came from Hawaii. My wife asked me if I ordered anything from Hawaii and I didn’t – I had no idea who or what this was. It turns out Hawaiian Airlines sent us a little gift as a way to say mahalo.



This was a nice and welcoming surprise from Hawaiian Airlines. I don’t feel we were owed anything from the airline but I think acts like this reflect the true spirit of the airline. Hawaiian is know for their in-flight service (especially compared to US legacy carriers) and it seems to emanate through all levels of the airline.

Thank you Hawaiian for the delicious cookies!


One thought on “Hawaiian Airlines Follows Up with a Nice Mahalo

  1. Wow – nothing more helpful than a nurse’s husband in an emergency!


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