LAST CALL: Hyatt Suite Upgrades, United Partner Award Sale & More Ending February 28th

With March right around the corner (and hopefully an end to this awful winter for us in the Northeast), there are several deals and offers expiring at the end of month. I’d figured it would be helpful to do a quick roundup of 3 deals you should consider taking advantage of before February 28th.

1) Hyatt Suite Upgrade Awards – Each year Hyatt suite upgrade awards expire on February 28th before Diamond members get four new awards on March 1st. While you must make your reservation by Saturday, you don’t have to stay by then. You can generally book rooms a year out so if you have future Hyatt stays in 2015 or early 2016, I’d consider locking in those stays now. While most rooms are cancelable up until a defined period beforehand, please note that if you need to change the dates of your future stay at any point, you will lose the suite upgrade. Essentially there is no risk to lock in an award to use your suite upgrade now and you can cancel or change without issue  All you lose is the suite upgrade which would have expired if you didn’t attempt to use it.

Andaz Maui Suite

Andaz Maui Suite

If you are like me and lost Diamond status for 2015, this will be your last chance to use ANY suite upgrade awards until you become a Diamond member again. I made sure to use mine so I am staying at the Andaz Maui in April and the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo in August on points + cash stays. You can use a suite upgrade award in conjunction with a points + cash stay but not an award night booked solely with points.

2) United Partner Award Sale – United has been offering discounted award flights on partner airlines for the past month or so but that sale is officially ending on Saturday. Ever since United devalued its frequent flyer program, certain award flights on partner airlines in Star Alliance cost more than flights on United’s own planes. For example, a one way business class ticket to Europe on United costs 57,500 miles while a flight on a partner airline like Swiss, Austrian or Lufthansa costs 70,000. If you have been eyeing an award flight to either Europe or Asia on a Star Alliance partner, I highly recommend booking it before Saturday to save 10,000-12,500 miles each way! You can book flights for travel between now and January 2016, so you do a wide range of dates to work with.

United Award Sale

United Award Sale

3) Citibank $400 Checking Account Bonus – I haven’t posted about this deal previously but Citibank has a promotion in which you can earn $400 for opening a Citigold checking account, depositing $50,000 and keeping it there for just 15 days. This promotion expires February 28th and while it requires you have to $50k in liquid capital, this could be a great way to make some quick money. You might get hit with a 1099 on this offer which reduces the value of it but you still come out ahead on this offer, especially considering it only takes 15 days. The good Doctor has a writeup here on this offer.

There are also others Citibank Citigold offers for 30,000 AA miles or 40,000 Thank You Points and you can fund all these checking accounts with a credit card.

Have I missed any other deals that expire February 28th? If so, please share in the comments and I’ll add it to this post.


5 thoughts on “LAST CALL: Hyatt Suite Upgrades, United Partner Award Sale & More Ending February 28th


    We are staying at a Hyatt in April for 7 nights, and would love to take advantage of a Hyatt Suite upgrade award if you know anyone who will not be using theirs. Are they only one night awards? Thanks. I’m a loyal reader of your posts. Ann


    • The reservation would have to be booked from that person’s account to use a suite upgrade. So you would need to have someone willing to make the reservation for you, use the upgrade and add you as a registered guess on the reservation so you can check in. Due to all that, it’s hard to find someone willing to do that. I’d post something on Flyertalk and see if anyone is interested in helping you in the Hyatt forum.


    • And to answer your other question, they are good for up to 7 nights.


  2. Hey Ralph,

    The upgrade for suites I can’t do right? Points should be received next month I hope for hyatt.


    • That’s correct. You need to have been a Diamond member at some point to get these suite upgrade awards and they can only be applied to stays that are booked with cash or points + cash. It does not work on stays booked with all points or the free Hyatt nights from their credit card.


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