10 thoughts on “It’s Back: 30,000 American AAdvantage Miles for Opening up a Citibank Checking Account

  1. I’ve done this a few times over the years and Citi waives the monthly fee automatically for the first 2 months making this even better!


  2. I had a Citi checking acct that I closed in Dec. It was basic, not Citigold. Will this make me ineligible to get the bonus?


  3. Whey applying for the Citigold account, does this result in a pull on your credit score? I have the AAdvantage Executive card, do I need to “sign in” as a customer when filling out the application or simply enter the code and proceed to the next page as a new customer? Thanks!


    • There is only a soft pull so no hit to your credit score. I didn’t sign it with my account and just filled in the code. I think the benefit of signing in only helps speed up the application since it can pull your info from your account.


      • Thank you, last question! I entered the code you provided and successfully opened the account this morning. I did not see anything along the way that detailed the 30,000 mile offer. Do I need to call Citi to make sure it’s applicable to my account? I don’t want to go through the work if I’m not going to get the miles in the end.


  4. Do you know if using the debit card to load Redcard/Serve/Bluebird would be considered qualifying purchases with this offer?


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