10 Free Gogo Passes for American Express Business Platinum Cardholders Now Available

Last year, American Express announced a new benefit for American Express Business Platinum Cardholders of inflight internet via Gogo and you can now signup to get your free internet passes! Cardholders are entitled to 10 free passes annually which are deposited into your Gogo account for future use. Here is the link to signup for the 10 free passes.


I just got my Business Platinum only a few months ago with a 100k offer described here so I tried to signup for my passes last night to see how smooth the process was (I should also mention that certain corporate American Express cardholders get this benefit as well). It took me all of one minute to enter my card information, log into to my existing Gogo account (or create a new one for new Gogo members) and then see the 10 free internet passes now stored in my account for the next time I want to use Gogo internet on a plane. The passes expire December 31, 2015 which makes sense since this is an annual benefit and I should get 10 new passes for 2016.



They all expire 12/31/15

They all expire 12/31/15

Just remember that Gogo is only on certain airlines including Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, United, US Airways & Virgin America (along with a few others). This is a great new perk for travelers (especially bloggers who want to stay connected) and I was impressed on how easy it was to signup and obtain my passes. Kudos to Gogo and American Express for that!

(HT: Doctor of Credit)


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