PointsCentric’s Kinda Sorta One Year Anniversary! A Thank You to My Readers

So technically, today is my one year anniversary as a blogger as my first post was published on 1/26/14 about a way to get 100 Free Hyatt points. Safe to say that was not my best post but as I alluded to in the title, I didn’t start consistently posting until March 2014 as I had only a total of 6 posts in January and February 2014 so maybe March should be the “real” anniversary date? That seems to be time when I started getting “real” readers instead of just my supportive wife (who deserves a lot of credit for putting up with me while I spent many late nights working on this blog).

The initial logo. Added some color to it since then.

The initial logo and color scheme. Added some color to it since then.

Anyway, I am writing this as a thank you to my readers who give me the motivation to keep blogging. I’d also like to thank anyone has linked to me, shared my blog with others or given me feedback (both positive and negative) about the blog. If no one was reading my blog, I wouldn’t have the motivation to continue. A lot of people don’t realize this but blogging is a huge time commitment and a ton of work, even more than I initially estimated (and I used to blog about Boston College sports with my college buddies at AroundTheRes so I’m not a first time blogger). Not only does it take a fair amount of time to type up a post, there is a lot of background work from doing research, learning WordPress, talking to others, thinking of post ideas, finding photos etc. all of which sometimes takes hours to do. So for those interested in blogging, even if it isn’t points/miles related, be prepared to make a serious time commitment.

I remember back in March when I started posting more regularly, how thrilled I would be if I got some views on a new post. In fact, I find it kind of cool that starting in March 2014 even though I didn’t always have a new post up everyday, I had some traffic each day as an unknown, unheard of blogger in a competitive space. Seriously, even if my traffic was only 5 views that day, it gave me hope that as I got bigger and better, more people would find my blog useful. While my blog is still super, super, super small compared to others in this space, each month traffic is increasing and days that had only hundreds of hits are now turning into thousands.

I think my blog has improved the travel hacking community as I have posted and discovered some great deals many people were able to take advantage (2 Free Rental Days, New Hack for 75k Amex Business Gold, Two Browser Trick with Alaska Airlines etc.) in addition to posting about the latest promotions or credit card offers. Additionally, my consulting and award booking services have taken off and it is actually truly satisfying to help people achieve their travel goals when some of them didn’t think it was possible until they discovered just how valuable points & miles can be.

In closing, thanks for reading PointsCentric. I look forward to having another year of great content and helping others realize just how plain awesome points and miles are.

– Ralph


2 thoughts on “PointsCentric’s Kinda Sorta One Year Anniversary! A Thank You to My Readers

  1. Delighted to be a part of the community! Congratulations!


    • Ifancyplants@juno.com

      Congratulations, Ralph. I am a relatively new subscriber, and I didn’t realize you hadn’t been doing this for years 🙂 thanks for all your helpful advice.


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