Good Deal Alert: 100,000 Point American Express Platinum, 50,000 Point Premier Rewards Gold Rewards & 30,000 Point Everyday Preferred Credit Cards

I know every blogger has posted about this but I wanted to make sure my readers had a chance to get in on this offer as well. Right now using, the Card Match Tool on, there are some great offers on American Express cards including the Platinum, Premier Rewards and Everyday Preferred cards. However, this is targeted and seems to be aimed at folks who either do not have Amex cards already or barely use their existing Amex cards. Each of the these offers are significantly higher than the standard public offers and I recommend applying for them if you are targeted for any of these offers. Note you cannot get these offers if you already these cards before at somepoint.

To check to see if you got this offer, click the Card Match Tool link and fill out the info requested. Do not worry about putting the last four of your social security number, this does not generate a hard pull nor does this affect your credit score.

The CardMatch Tool

The CardMatch Tool

Here are a rundown of the three offers and how I would rank them. Note I only recommend applying for one card if you happen to be targeted for multiple offers.

1. American Express Platinum Card (60,000 to 100,000 points)

  • 60k to 100k Points after spending $3k in 3 months
  • $450 Annual Fee NOT Waived
  • $200 Airline Travel Credit Annually (since this is calendar year you can do this twice and cover $400 of the $450 annual fee)
  • Elite status with Starwood, National, Hertz & Avis Rent a Car
  • Lounge Access with Delta, Centurion, & Airspace Airport Lounges
  • Free Global Entry or TSA Precheck

The normal offer on this card is 40,000 points and 100,000 points is the about the highest offer I’ve seen (some rare people have seen 150,000 point offers). I’m sure people have concerns over the annual fee but the points are easily worth ~$1,500 plus you get $400 in airline gift cards plus the other perks listed above. Keep the card a year and then cancel the card before the next annual fee is due. I wrote how to get a 100,000 point offer on the Business Platinum Card here.

2. American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card (50,000 points)

  • 50k Points after spending $1k in 3 months
  • $175 Annual Fee IS WAIVED the 1st year
  • Triple points on airfare, double points on gas and groceries

The normal offer on this card is 25,000 points so this is double the standard offer. This is a solid card to rack up points if you pay for airfare typically or do not currently have a card that earns a bonus at gas stations or grocery stores.

3. American Express Everyday Preferred Card (30,000 points)

  • 30k Points after spending $2k in 3 months
  • $95 Annual Fee NOT Waived
  • Triple points on groceries, double points on gas
  • 50% bonus on points if you have more than 30 transactions in a billing cycle

A relative newcomer to the Amex lineup, the standard offer on this card is 15,000 points so again double the standard offer here. If you hit the 30 or more transactions in a month you actually earn 4.5x on supermarkets and 3x on gas which is fantastic.

Neither my wife nor I were targeted for any of these as we already have a ton of Amex cards and use them heavily. In speaking with my clients about this offer (who got early access to this deal as a perk for being a client if it made sense for them), only 2 out of 10 clients who have written me back so far were targeted so this is definitely limited. However, its well worth a shot to see if it works for you. Good Luck!

*Unlike many of the other blogs discussing this offer, I do not have an affiliate link for Didn’t see too many bloggers mentioning a disclosure that they got paid on these offers…

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