AMAZING DEAL ALERT: Flights to Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, India, South Africa or Seychelles for $187 to $700 ROUNDTRIP

Update: Dead – these always go quick!

Talk about a Christmas present, there is a massive mistake fare going on right now on Etihad Airways. You can fly from NY to Abu Dhabi for $187 roundtrip, NY to Hong Kong for $328, Chicago to Mumbai for $325 and more! This deal could die any minute so book quickly and use the 24 hour free cancellation from Priceline.

Here are the quick details:
1. Search on Google Flights for dates. Weekdays from Jan-March and Sept- Nov have the best availability.
2. Book on Priceline using the dates found via Google Flights. You can try clicking the link to Orbitz as well.
3. IMPORTANT: The price might appear higher at first on Orbitz – Click through to the next page before you purchase. You should see the lower price (this is why you start with Google Flights to find the dates with lowest price). Reports are Priceline is working better for this.
4. Orbitz offers free cancellation until 10pm the following day. Priceline offers free cancellation until 11:29pm the following day. Book soon as this will not last!!

New York – Abu Dhabi: $187
New York – Johannesburg: $291
New York – Manilla: $306
New York – Hong Kong: $328
New York – Mumbai: $313
New York – New Delhi: $346

Chicago – Abu Dhabi: $220
Chicago – Mumbai: $332
Chicago – New Delhi: $360
Chicago – Johannesburg: $418

Washington – Abu Dhabi: $231
Washington – Mumbai: $325
Washington – New Delhi: $360
Washington – Manilla: $394

Dallas – Mumbai: $325
Dallas – Abu Dhabi: $328
Dallas – New Delhi: $360

For more info and dates, check out the following blogs who have posted about this deal.

1) The Flight Deal

2) Dans Deals

3) Secretly Flying


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