The 140,000 Point Offer on Ritz Carlton Credit Card Is Back!

Earlier this year the 140,000 point offer was available though it was meant to be targeted and you needed a certain code from a mailer to apply (or you could just find the code on Flyertalk). I was able to get the card earlier this year but now the offer is available publicly at this link here. This is the highest ever offer I am aware on the card and even with an annual fee of $395, I will argue it is worth it in the first year even if you never plan to stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel.


Here are the key details:

  • 140,000 Ritz Carlton Points after spending $3,000 in 3 months. Remember these points can be used freely at Marriott hotels and with the highest Marriott tier only costing 45,000 points a night this signup bonus is worth at least 3 nights at any high end Marriott and anywhere from 4 to 7 nights at mid-tier Marriotts (category 4 to 7). And this is worth even more at low end Marriott properties.
  • $300 Travel Credit Annually. This is based on a calendar year basis so in your first year of card membership, you could take advantage of this offer twice for a total of $600, which more than offsets the $395 annual fee. Now the actual language of what is covered is “airline lounge day pass, or towards a yearly lounge membership of your choice; airline seat upgrades; airline baggage fees; in-flight internet/entertainment; in-flight meals; Global Entry fees.” However, per Flyertalk and a Saverocity thread, people have been able to redeem this credit for airline gift cards just like the Amex Platinum card (though it requires you to call in and request the credit, unlike Amex which is automatic) though it is advisable to not tell them it was a gift card purchase.
  • Ritz Carlton Gold Status. This basically gets you free internet, bonus points and a chance at room upgrades.
  • 3 Club Level Upgrades – If you are on a paid stay at a Ritz Carlton, you can use one of these upgrades to get club floor access which includes lounge access, complimentary food and drinks etc..
  • $100 Hotel Credit – Stay 2+ nights and pay with your Ritz Carlton credit card and you will receive a $100 hotel credit.

I only care about this offer for two things: the 140k points and the $300 annual travel credit. The other benefits are nice but hold no value for me since I don’t plan on having any Ritz Carlton stays (paid or award stays). As I mentioned above, even excluding the points (which is the main draw in this offer), I come out ahead financially with the airline gift cards which I know I will use in the future as there are no expiration dates on these. The 140,000 points are worth at least $.007 cents a point (a little less than the standard 1 point is equal to 1 penny) to me so that equates to a value of $980 for just the points. So the value of the points, $980, + $600 in airline gift cards – $395 annual fee equals a signup value of $1,185 for me. It could be worth more if you value the Gold status and club upgrades at all.

Additionally, an under-reported value here is the flight and hotel package that Marriott offers. Let’s say both you and your significant other signup for this card and earn 280,000 points combined. You can redeem those points for a 7 night stay at a Marriott resort and receive 50,000 to 120,000 miles transferred into the program of your choice (United, American etc) based on the chart below. Or you could have the miles transferred to Southwest and you would only be 10,000 points away from the Southwest Companion Pass!

One option for Flight & Hotel Package

One option for Flight & Hotel Package

A category 6 hotel costs 30,000 points a night so a 7 night stay will would cost 180,000 points (one night is free when you redeem points for at least 4 nights). With this package however, the hotel comes to the same cost as before but the major perk is you can transfer Marriott points into United (with 10% bonus) or American miles at a 1:1 ratio. This is a great value as Marriott hotels are worth about half that of airline miles. In fact, if you normally wanted to convert Marriott points to miles, the ratio is 4:1 so to get the same 100,000 miles, you would need 280,000 Marriott points. But with this package, it is like getting a 7 night stay free! Of course, I wouldn’t recommend ever converting your Marriott points to airline miles at that 4:1 ratio but you see my point.

Ugly Transfer Ratios

Ugly Transfer Ratios

I could go on about this flight and hotel package option but the Miles Professor did an excellent job summarizing this option, along with some great hotel finds including hotels in Aruba, Hawaii etc. I would give her post a read if you are interested in this option.

9 thoughts on “The 140,000 Point Offer on Ritz Carlton Credit Card Is Back!

  1. Do the points Expire? Or is this a good “bankable” option if there are no immediate plans? Also, Is it easy to cancel the card before the next fee?


    • They expire after 24 months of no account activity. What I do is about a month before I cancel the card (about 11 months from now lets say), ill make a small purchase on the card and that will reset my points expiration date. Then its good for 2 more years from that point. You could also transfer in 1000 Chase UR points to extend life. And it is very easy to cancel the card before the next annual fee is due.


  2. There were some confusion as to whether to open a Ritz Carlton Hotel account first and then apply. What is the correct method and how do I combine my Marriott points with the Ritz Carlton later on?


    • What worked for me was just listing my Marriott Rewards number on the application and all my points have been posting there (including the 140k bonus) so I don’t need to worry about combining or transferring them. You technically aren’t suppose to have both a Ritz rewards account and a Marriott rewards account at the same time so I think a call to their rewards customer service team would be able to combine the accounts into one.


  3. Thanks Ralph. Based on your travel experience, which city/site would you recommend that demands 7 nights? The places I visited so far, we were getting bored after 4-5 nights.


    • My wife and I are huge beach people so you could throw us on a nice beach and we’ll be happy. Our lives are so busy and hectic and to take a week to unwind & dissconnect is perfect for us. Sometimes we just need relaxation without doing a whole lot but thats just us


  4. Thanks for the info. I have a Marriott Rewards account and use the MR Signature Visa. After the combination of the Ritz-Carlton Rewards with my existing MR account, will the points, etc. earned from using both the MR & RCR Visas funnel into the combined account?


  5. […] announcement but one of my clients alerted me to an issue he had regarding the signup bonus on the 140,000 Ritz Carlton Credit Card offer. Chase was telling him that his signup bonus was 2 Free Nights at a category 1-4 Ritz Carlton […]


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