$25 Statement Credit for Switiching to Paperless Statements for Barclays Credit Cards

I logged into my Barlcays account online tonight and I noticed for the first time a popup that stated if I switched to paperless statements for my US Airways MasterCard, I could earn a $25 statement credit if I purchased something before December 31st, 2014. This was only available on my US Airways MasterCard but not when I clicked on my Arrival + card so I am guessing this might be targeted in some way.


This obviously is a no-brainer opportunity if you are able to see this on your account and you don’t need paper statements to remind you to pay your bills. It didn’t say anything about a minimum purchase amount so buying anything for under $25 and you will make money on this promotion. If you don’t see it right away and you have multiple Barclays cards, try switching back and forth between the cards online – that might do the trick. I’m guessing if you already have paperless statements you will not see this promotion but this is a good example why I still get paper statements until I’m offered something to switch (it happens more than you think).

This interestingly appeared on my brand new US Airways MasterCard and this promotion is perfect for this card. Since all I need to do is make one purchase on the card to earn 50,000 miles, I will buy myself a cup of coffee tomorrow that will satisfy the first purchase requirement for the miles AND trigger a $25 statement credit as well. So in effect, the 50,000 miles will cost me a net of $64 since I will use this $25 statement credit to offset the annual fee of $89 on my first statement. As a reminder, here is my write-up of the better offer for the US Airways MasterCard.

Gotta love easy, money-making promotions!


9 thoughts on “$25 Statement Credit for Switiching to Paperless Statements for Barclays Credit Cards

  1. […] special thank you goes out to PointsCentric for posting about this offer and to Doctor Of Credit for informing me of this […]


  2. Be careful with this. I just got the card. I got the popup offer. I made a small purchase .88 loaf of bread. Barclay’s balance adjusted the amount to $0.00. There is a statement so I think I’m safe with having made a purchase by 12/31/14 but I’ll make another one any way just in case the $25 credit does not show up. The $89 fee also failed to appear so they may not consider my .88 purchase a purchase, although I do not see how that can happen.


  3. […] Points Centric, Barclays is offering a targeted promotion for it’s US Airways cardholders to switch to […]


  4. I never got my credit and I called up to talk to them about it, they asked if I was talking about a promotion from July. I told them no i just changed to paperless in early December due to the promotion.
    I told them I got the pop-up above and completed it, and was waiting on my credit. They said sorry they had no record of that, and I need a document to prove I am entitled for the credit.
    What a joke, turn receive a paper statement back on, screw them.


  5. Robert Vanmeter

    Will i still receive the $25.oo credit for signing up for paperless statements please let me know. Thanks Sincerely Robert Vanmeter (mintcondition@live.com)


    • I think the promotion has ended but I’m not sure. See if the offer comes up on your account or message customer service asking if you can be enrolled in this offer.


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