Quick Deal: How To Get 15% Off EVERY Southwest Flight!

UPDATE: Deal is Dead per commenter Yana. TwoSmiles seems to have pulled Southwest gift cards off the site.

Earlier this week I posted two deals on how to save 20% on Frontier Airlines flights (now expired) & 20% on JetBlue flights (still ongoing) but there were restrictions around the dates you could travel.  Well, I just saw a post from Just Another Points Traveler that you can now take 15% off Southwest Flights without any travel restrictions!

The way this deal works is you are buying Southwest Gift Cards at 15% off through gift card site Two Smiles when you use promo code FIREWORKS15 at checkout. Southwest Gift Cards have NO expiration date or inactivity fees so you can use them for any flight in the future!  The only restriction on this deal is you must purchase the gift cards via the Two Smiles website by tomorrow night, 7/7/14. 

15% Off All Gift Cards Above Including Southwest Airlines!

15% Off All Gift Cards Above Including Southwest Airlines!

If you have any upcoming travel you need to book on Southwest or you know within the next year or so you will be flying Southwest (remember they fly international now), I recommend purchasing the gift cards now. It is rare to find this large a discount on Southwest flights so unless you are using Southwest points, this is the next best deal to take 15% off ALL Southwest flights.



2 thoughts on “Quick Deal: How To Get 15% Off EVERY Southwest Flight!

  1. Two smiles no longer shows Southwest as one of their merchants.


    • @Yana Unfortunately you seem to be correct. TwoSmiles still shows Southwest Gift cards in the ad advertising the 15% off but when clicking through to purchase, Southwest Gift Cards are nowhere to be found. I’m guessing they were overwhelmed and had to pull Southwest from the promotion.


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