Good To Know: Chase Freedom Accounts Now Shows Rewards Earned Per Transaction!

One of the nice features of a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred is that when you log into your online account and click on an individual transaction, you can easily tell how many Ultimate Rewards you earned for that transaction such as my parking expense below.

Glad to see I got 2x on my parking expenses in Canada

Glad to see I got 2x on my parking expenses in Canada

It was an easy way to verify you were correctly earning 2x points on all dining and travel expenses. However for a long time, this functionality on the Chase Freedom was not available. I’m glad to report  (though I’m not quite sure when the change was made)  this functionality now exists for Chase Freedom cardholders!

Each quarter the Chase Freedom card offers a different 5% bonus category but it is capped at $1,500 of spending in that category to earn the full 5%. After $1,500 it reverts back to 1% so it is important to track your spending by category if you wanted to max out the $1,500 without going over. The old way to track this was either waiting for your month end statement to see what was coded to the bonus categories or to use Chase Blueprint, a free service that tracked your spending in predefined categories.

Now though you can simply log on into your Freedom account and view the rewards earned per transaction.  I logged into my Chase Freedom account and expanded the view on three transactions that should qualify for 5x points as they were all restaurants.

5x Points Earned as Expected

5x Points Earned as Expected

As you can see, it now shows how many points I’ve earned on a transaction level and I’m no longer forced to wait for my month end statement or to use Chase Blueprint.

Kudos to Chase for rolling out this feature to Freedom cardholders! Now start using this to track the 5x categories for Q3, which is gas stations and Kohl’s.

P.S. While I am probably Chipotle’s biggest fan, I did not spend $366.25 on myself at Chipotle. Give me a few weeks though and I might come close to that…


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