1,000+ Free American Airlines Miles!

Well this has been a good week for free miles! First Delta gave away 1,000 miles and now American Airlines is giving away 1,000+ miles for playing its Facebook game!

American Airlines created a Passport Challenge promotion that utilizes Facebook to gain some free AA miles. Some of the activities include:

  • Learn and earn. Up to 700 miles (50 to 100 per activity)
  • Be social and earn. Up to 350 miles (25 to 50 per activity like following American on Twitter, watching a video, and sharing a video with friends)
  • Fly and earn. 500 to 2500 miles for flying on US Airways, US Airways Shuttle, a new domestic route, flying international, a oneworld airline partner, and exceeding qualifying points goals for up to 9000 miles

I say its a 1,000+ miles because you earn the miles in increments of 50-100 miles for playing some trivia, flipping plates in a game, recognizing tail fins and watching videos. You can decide how much (or little) you want to do.

In about 10 minutes of clicking through the games on Facebook, I earned 1,165 miles. If you have any plans to fly American or US Airways in the next few months, you could earn even more miles!

Free 1,165 Miles!

Free 1,165 Miles!

1,000+ miles by itself won’t get you a free flight but for a few minutes of your time, it’s worth it to gain some valuable miles. You never know when you will be 1,000 miles short of an award for a free flight

(h/t  One Mile at a Time)


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