Welcome to PointsCentric!

Do you want to travel to Paris for $92? Or maybe you prefer the beaches in the Bahamas for $80.50? I will show you how to travel around the world for a fraction of the retail cost of travel.

I started PointsCentric with one simple goal in mind: to help everyone travel better and travel cheaper. I am an expert travel hacker who wants to show you the way to travel anywhere in the world for almost nothing. Honeymoon to Bora Bora? Two week dream trip to Hawaii? A week in Europe? I promise, this is attainable at prices you all can afford with the use of frequent flyer miles.  

Before you tell me, you don’t fly regularly and thus you can’t accumulate thousands of miles via flying, neither do I. Travel hacking at its most simplistic level is the art of acquiring frequent flyer miles and points at little to no cost and then leveraging them towards free trips. You can earn hundreds of thousands of miles, if not millions every year without ever setting foot on an airplane – you just need to know how to do it.  If you don’t believe me, just check out where I’ve traveled on points and miles. 

With my wealth of knowledge on the intricacies of frequent flyer, hotel and credit cards programs,  I will create a customized plan to help you start earning the right points and miles towards that next big trip of yours. Whether you want to fly business class to Asia, stay in a 5 star hotel in Paris or simply visit the grandparents in Cali, I will create you a custom guide to get you there for almost nothing.

Once you have accumulated enough miles or points, I will then maximize the potential of your miles and points & help you book your dream vacation with my Award Booking Service. Using my knowledge of the industry I will find the best options for you, taking advantage of quirks and loopholes in frequent flyer programs to save you the stress, headaches and time of trying to figure out how to use and stretch the value of your points and miles.

In addition to the consulting & award booking services I provide, you can subscribe to The Blog (by clicking the little follow button in the right hand corner of the screen or subscribing via email in the right sidebar ) for updates on the latest news and offers in the points & miles world.  

Feel free to contact me for more information or with other inquiries at ralph@pointscentric.com

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