New Offer From GolfMiles – Earn 3,000 Miles for Playing a Single Round of Golf

Last month I broke the news to the points & miles world about Golfmiles, a website golfers could use to book tee times and earn thousands of miles for playing golf. I was able to my offer my readers an exclusive bonus of 1,500 miles at that time but I’m happy to report I have negotiated an even higher bonus mile offer of 2,500 miles. And if you choose to earn AA miles, this offer is increased to 3,000 miles! This is the highest ever bonus mile offer from Golfmiles and this is an exclusive offer for PointsCentric readers only. The AA offer is only valid through September 1st and after that time will drop down to 2,500 miles until September 10th.


This offer can be increased to 3,000 miles if you choose AA miles

In order to receive 3,000 miles with your first booking, you must do the following:

  • New customers must signup via my referral link here (full disclaimer: I do receive a small amount of miles for each person who signs up and completes a booking).
  • Choose to receive American Airlines AAdvantage miles as the miles earned. This offer is only valid if you choose AA miles
  • The first tee time must cost $30 or more

Note: The website will initially show 2,500 miles as your offer – I am working on having the landing page show the special AA offer. If you do not meet the above criteria, such as wanting to earn United miles or the tee time is less than $30, you would earn 2,500 miles.

I recommend reading my previous post about Golfmiles but their website aggregates local tee times at golf courses and awards an amount of miles each time you book a round of golf through them. I have generally seen the miles awarded per round range from 250-2,300 miles though with this signup bonus offer, you could earn 3,250 to 5,300 AA miles for one round of golf. The value of these miles could be worth more than the cost of your round of golf! You can also choose to earn a gift card to use towards future rounds of golf instead of miles.


Through my research, I found Golfmiles offered the same or even some lower prices than my local courses. I’ve had several readers book through them without any issues and they all earned thousands of miles for playing a round of golf they would have played anyway. I encourage you to give them a try with the knowledge that this offer is the best ever offer for Golfmiles. The public signup bonus is only 1,500 miles and no other blogger has a better current offer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the comments or email me at and I can assist in having Golfmiles address it if I can’t answer it.

PSA: You Can Extend the Life of Hyatt Anniversary Award Nights By More Than 30 Days

I’ve had the Chase Hyatt Visa for several years now and I renew it solely for the annual free anniversary night which is valid at Category 1-4 hotels. Each year my anniversary night must be used by August 31st or I lose it. However, there is a little know policy that Hyatt Gold Passport can actually grant a courtesy, one time exception in which they will extend the expiration by 30 days. This is actually a policy Hyatt has confirmed publicly but many people still don’t know about it. So while you probably just learned something, I recently tested and proved you can do better by extending it even further out.

This all started when I started looking for an award night in Abu Dhabi for early October as I built in a one day layover (really 21 hours) in Abu Dhabi on our way to the Maldives. My goal was to use the annual anniversary free night from my Hyatt credit card since August was here and I still hadn’t used my anniversary night. I had to find a Category 1-4 Hyatt in Abu Dhabi and it turns out there is a perfect hotel that would work for us – the Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, a category 3 hotel that looks fantastic and gets great reviews as the 13th ranked hotel in all of Abu Dhabi. 

Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

This would be perfect except even with a 30 day extension my anniversary night would expire on September 30th – my reservation would be for the first week in October so I needed 32 days. Instead of resorting to using next year’s anniversary night (that was valid until 8/31/16) I turned to the power of social media and contacted @HyattConcierge asking for help. I explained I wanted to use my expiring anniversary night and understood a 30 day extension was possible but I was really hoping I could get a 32 day extension if that was at all possible. Sure enough by simply asking, it worked!

Hyatt Convo

However, Hyatt did better than just extending my expiration date by 2 days. They ended up giving me a whole another month to use it and extended the free night until October 31, 2015! I noticed this when I went to My Awards in my Hyatt Gold Passport account online and saw this year’s anniversary night (which is now marked as redeemed since I am using it for an October stay at the Capital Gate Abu Dhabi) & compared it to next year’s anniversary award which has the same August expiration date I see every year. I’m guessing that based on a technological limitation on Hyatt’s end, the expiration must be a month end so I really got a 2 month extension from the original expiration date.

Notice the difference in expiration dates between my two anniversary nights

Notice the difference in expiration dates between my two anniversary nights


By simply telling Hyatt I needed two extra days (after taking into account the 30 days they would have granted me) to use my anniversary award night, they were kind of enough to grant me an extension greater than what is generally allowed. By doing that, I was actually able to extend my expiration date by a total of 60 days which in essence gave me more than a 14 month window to use my anniversary night. I don’t see why others wouldn’t be able to replicate this though I think it would help if you tell them a specific circumstance and the dates/hotel you are looking to book with the extended anniversary night. The lesson here is before resorting to throwing away the anniversary night because it is about to expire, it doesn’t hurt to ask Hyatt if they can extend it. I was pleasantly surprised with my results!