Points & Miles 101: Tracking Your Points & Miles For FREE with AwardWallet

In the last installment of Points & Miles 101, I left you with the cliffhanger (ok maybe not) of a great way to keep track of all your frequent flyer, hotel loyalty and even bank rewards accounts, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards. The secret and FREE tool I use is AwardWallet. 

If you have ever used Mint, AwardWallet works in a similar fashion in that it securely stores a member’s login information to each and every account. Between Andrea & I, we have over 50 accounts saved in my AwardWallet account. Just think if I had to log in to each account to see how many miles I had, when my miles expire or if I received my free miles from the offers earlier this week, that would be a huge time commitment! Additionally, I’m not sure I could remember 50+ different usernames and passwords!

Below is a snapshot of my AwardWallet homepage. As you can see it lists the frequent flyer program, account number (though I blacked out mine below), elite status level, number of miles and lastly, their expiration date. It will even track the most recent change in miles in an account (the +166 for example with the green arrow) or if you have any special items such as my $99 companion fare ticket with Alaska Airlines.

Some of my balances

Some of my balances

Additionally, it will also send you email updates when a balance has changed in that account or when points or milesare close to expiration. This is a very helpful benefit as even I sometimes forget when my miles might expire (and don’t worry there are super easy ways to extend the life of them but that’s another P&M 101 post in the future).

Here is my signup link to create an account at AwardWallet –  AwardWallet Signup Here.

As I think I’ve explained, I love AwardWallet and I think they do an outstanding job at tracking your points & miles balances for you for free. It’s really nice to log into one website and see 50 different points and miles balances instead of logging into 50 different websites to check my balances.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I will earn some very small referral points if you signup for AwardWallet via that link. Thank you for your support!