PSA: For New eBay Accounts, Remember to Enroll in eBay Bucks!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter for the past month, I’ve tweeted several times when there has been a new bonus eBay Bucks offer. My personal eBay account has luckily been targeted for almost every bonus eBay Bucks since sometime last year and I figured it was time for my wife to open her own eBay account so I can begin doubling up on reselling deals, especially during these bonus bucks offer.

The most recent eBay Bucks offer

The most recent eBay Bucks offer

I opened her account towards the end of 2015 and made a few purchases before the end of the year to earn some Q4 eBay Bucks…or so I thought. While my wife had not been targeted for any eBay Bucks offer, she should still have been earning the base eBay Bucks on most transactions which is 2%. However, I completely forgot one very important step – you actually need to enroll in eBay Bucks!

eBay Bucks Signup

This might strike some of you as obvious but it wasn’t for me as I (stupidly) assumed all new eBay accounts would be automatically enrolled in eBay Bucks. It never clicked for me that when I purchasing gift cards or other items under her account, it never showed any eBay Bucks earnings when I was checking out – I just assumed I’d receive them when the quarter ended and that eBay was just not showing it on the checkout screen for whatever reason. This also explained why my wife had no luck getting targeted for any bonus offers – you kinda need to be enrolled first to be elgibile for bonus offers. Doh!


So for any new eBay users or anyone setting up a new account for a friend/family member, please go to this link after opening the eBay account and signup for eBay Bucks. And once you are signed up, consult this handy reference from Doctor of Credit and be sure to read the comments as well on how to get targeted for bonus eBay Bucks offers which seem to be occurring on a weekly basis recently.