Amazing Deal Alert: $75-$90 Roundtrip Flights New York to Nantucket on JetBlue

JetBlue is at it again with another awesome fare this time from New York to Nantucket for $75-$90 roundtrip. It’s not quite as good as the $58 flights to Cape Cod a few weeks ago but still a great savings compared to the normal cost of these flights.

The promotion is for $90 roundtrip flights but if you plan to travel between 9/8 to 10/30 (but not between 10/10 to 10/14) you knock down the price to about $75 roundtrip if you use a 20% promo code for JetBlue which can be bought at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Availability is scattered so you might have to play around with a few dates until you can see a $90 fare. I had the most luck finding availability by avoiding a Friday or Saturday flight.  Here is one example below that prices at $90 but if i had a 20% promo code, it would knock it down to about $75 (the 20% off is only on the fare but not the taxes). Good luck!


$90 Roundtrip

$90 Roundtrip

(H/T to The Flight Deal for the Find!)