How to Absolutely Waste 21,000 SPG Starpoints…

…by burning them for a 30 minute chat.


Here are some better uses for 21,000 Starpoints (which is valued at $567 per TPG’s own calculations of 2.7 cents a points). And yes that value is too high. 

  • Transfer 60,000 points to Marriott and book a category 4 Ritz Carlton (or two nights a low level Ritz Carlton)
  • Book several nights at lower level Marriott hotels or one night a higher level Marriott and have points leftover
  • Transfer 20k Starpoints to an airline, get 25k miles and book a roundtrip domestic flight
  • Or book a one way flight to the Caribbean or Hawaii (among other airline redemptions)
  • Book one night at a Category 6 SPG Hotels
  • Book several nights at lower level SPG hotels
  • Literally almost anything else that doesn’t involve a one-time chat with someone about points & miles and effectively paying an hourly rate of $1,134.

If you really want to chat and learn/optimize your miles situation, my consulting services are a much better value.

My thoughts on this redemption…



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