Did You Know Active Military Members Get Free American Airlines Lounge Access?

I like to think I know quite a bit about points/miles/frequent flyer programs etc. but even after 2.5 years of blogging, I’m still learning new things and this tip is a good one for our active military members. This weekend I learned that American Airlines offers active military members complimentary lounge access to their Admirals Club when flying on American Airlines just for being active military! They even have the policy documented on their website.

AA Lounge Access for Military Members

My friend, Navy Lieutenant Jon S., shared this with me as he was returning from a weekend trip to Gulfport. He lives in Rhode Island and always has a connection through Charlotte when flying on American Airlines which is a hub for American after the US Airways-American Airlines merger. While waiting out his connection in Charlotte, he simply showed the agent at the front desk of the Admirals Club his military ID and was admitted access. This generous policy also allows access for immediate family or two guests. Per the documented policy, you need to show both a military ID and working orders but in Jon’s case he was never asked for his orders (which he did have on him).

I took a look at some airlines to see if they had a similar policy and only United comes close, though it is much more restrictive. If a military member is on Rest & Recuperation (R&R) leave, then he/she will be admitted to United clubs but unfortunately no guests are allowed. Additionally, some airports have USO centers which military members have access to. 

I’d like to commend American Airlines for offering this perk to those who bravely serve our country. Its been a weekend of learning for me – between learning another flaw in Marriott’s program to finding out about this free lounge access policy for military members. I only wish I knew about this sooner so I could have shared this with those traveling for the military.


3 thoughts on “Did You Know Active Military Members Get Free American Airlines Lounge Access?

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  2. This appears to have changed to only military in uniform (which is a stupid way to travel even if allowed by your service). The AA website changed, and I was denied access today in Denver (on orders but not in uniform). The agent brought up the fact that we may not even be able to travel in uniform. So he was sympathetic, but enforced the change.


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