A Cool Use of United Miles for New York Giants Fans

I subscribe to emails from United’s MileagePlus program and occasionally, they have some very cool offers to redeem United miles in non-traditional ways. This is similar to SPG’s Moments in that you can redeem miles for private or exclusive events, once in a lifetime type events or to mingle with celebrities. I just saw one today that any New York Giants fan would love – an opportunity to practice like you were on the New York Giants at their training center in East Rutherford, NJ. The cost is only 10,000 United miles per person and includes the following:


As of this writing (9:40am EST) there were still 76 spots available. I imagine this will go quick as most diehards would love to the opportunity to be a football player for a day, mingle with ex-Giant players, have dinner/non-alcoholic drinks included and earn a Giants jersey. For only 10,000 United miles (which I value around $150) this seems worth it to me if you are a Giants fan.

I’m a big NY Jets fan (and season ticket holder – please don’t bring up the fact we don’t have a QB) so I won’t be participating in this but it sounds really, really cool to me. I generally don’t advocate the use of airline miles outside of flights but the value here seems pretty good for what could be a once in a life time experience (not mention it includes a NYG jersey which is probably worth $100 by itself).


One thought on “A Cool Use of United Miles for New York Giants Fans

  1. Can you write a blog on churning both of the Alaska Airlines cards soon? I am very interested in this….


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