Chase Freedom Unlimited Will Be Available Starting March 13th

Update: Read my post on the conversion process – I learned a few new things while doing this

Several weeks ago we found out that Chase would be offering a new credit card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited, which has the potential to be one of the best no annual fee credit cards out there. This card will earn 1.5 Chase Ultimate Rewards per dollar spent and if you (or a household member) have a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold/Plus card, you can then effectively transfer the rewards earned on the Freedom Unlimited card to airline and hotel partners. Earning 1.5 UR points on a no annual fee card is quite strong – in fact it is better for non-bonus spend then the Sapphire or Ink Cards, both of which have annual fees of $95.

My wife has a normal Sapphire card (not Preferred) from several years ago when she product changed from the Sapphire Preferred to the no annual fee Sapphire card. I wanted to do another product change and convert that card into the new Freedom Unlimited card since it is a much stronger card and still carries no annual fee. I secured messaged Chase online (on behalf of my wife) and asked if she could product change into this new Freedom Unlimited card. While she was told she could not yet, the representative spilt the beans that the card would be available on March 13th.


This is also consistent with what others are hearing, such as this exchange on Twitter started by Doctor of Credit’s tweet. It is noted that the card will be available in just Chase branches and by phone. The only semi-strange part of the representative’s response was that it would be available between March 13, 2016 and April 7, 2016.

I’m not quite sure why there is an end date even listed so maybe there is some chance this representative is misinformed but I feel rather confident (though not 100%) that the card will be released on March 13th. It does seem that the card will not be available online at first and for that timing, I’ve heard early April (maybe April 8th if the representative was referring to the time period above when the card is solely available via a branch or phone). I’ll be sure to detail my experience attempting a product change if the card is available on March 13th.

Has anyone else heard anything about a March 13th release date?


11 thoughts on “Chase Freedom Unlimited Will Be Available Starting March 13th

  1. Will this card will fall under the Chase “5/24” rule even if you are just changing the product?


  2. […] Chase Freedom Unlimited Will Be Available Starting March 13th – We now have confirmation of when this very interesting product will hit the market. […]


  3. if we get this card, should we cancel the sapphire?


  4. Chase only allows product changes from other co-branded cards, correct? I have a Hyatt card I’m about to cancel but would love to product change to the Freedom Unlimited instead. Don’t think I can though.


  5. Just called – they are offering only 2500 UR points as sign up bonus with spending requirement. I would hold off for now..


  6. […] week, I wrote about the new Chase Freedom Unlimited being available starting 3/13 (though only available in branch or over the phone) and I promised to come back & write […]


  7. How long will it be available?

    I’m 17, have a steady job, make about $1,500/month. I want to get my first credit card & feel like this would be a really good option. But I can’t get one until I turn 18! My birthday is July 2nd, do you think it will still be available then?


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