Free Points Roundup + One Deal Where It is Worth Buying Points

There a few offers out there for some free points and I’m not one to pass up any points, even Spirit points with their draconian expiration policy. Here are some free points that you should take 30 seconds or less to claim:

1. 1,000 Free Spirit Miles – I don’t fly Spirit but I do love magazines. The last time Spirit handed out miles I picked up a few magazine subscriptions and I see some current magazine subscriptions starting at 600 points so I’ll pick up another subscription. Western Horseman anyone?

Only 800 Spirit Miles!

Only 800 Spirit Miles!

2. 25 Free Hertz Gold Rewards – Register for their Winter Promotion here and get 25 points. Doesn’t get much easier than this.

Now below isn’t a truly free points gig but it is an opporunity to buy ~$42 worth of JetBlue points for only $14.99.


Via Running with Miles, JetBlue has partnered with Texture which is an app that delivers a variety of different magazines electronically to you on a monthly basis. JetBlue is offering 3,000 points (which are worth about ~$42) for signing up and paying for their premium service which is $14.99/month. However, you can cancel at anytime so as long as you pay for a month, you should collect the 3,000 points from JetBlue. Just set a Google calendar alert to cancel the subscription if you don’t plan on using it.

Even if you don’t ever read any magazine from Texture, you are essentially paying $15 for $42 worth of points. If you fly JetBlue, than I definitely recommend taking advantage of this.

Enjoy the long weekend folks!


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